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BMI Icopal Operations Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy


Guiding Principles and Core Pillars


Icopal UK considers peoples’ health and safety, prevention of environmental pollution and damage, customer satisfaction and listening to stakeholders as paramount priorities. Our aim is to maintain legal compliance with; relevant quality, heath, safety, and environmental (QEHS) legislation and other requirements including relevant industry guidance or codes of practice. We will endeavour to address QEHS issues concerning the manufacture, warehousing, and distribution of all our roofing and other products, together with those QEHS issues relating to all our employees carrying out their work duties. Our values are achieved through three core pillars: “Satisfy Our Customers”, “Develop our People” and Reduce our Costs” Our directors, management and supervisory staff have responsibilities for the implementation of this policy.

Employee Involvement and Development


We will continue to develop a safe environment for our employees in which they are empowered and able to contribute towards a positive QEHS culture as an integral part of the efficient running of the business and equal in importance to that of any other function or activity. We will consult, communicate and review with all our employees on how their roles and responsibilities fulfil our QEHS policy and how they contribute to meeting customer requirements and the company’s success. All our employees are expected to work in the spirit of openness and co-operation. We will provide information, instruction, ongoing training and supervision for employees to ensure they are competent to carry out their tasks, achieve their potential and fulfill our policy and objectives. We will maintain a discrimination free working environment.

Customer Focus


We understand that our customers are key to the prosperity of our company and are therefore committed to delivering products of the highest quality and best-in-class service and continuous innovation. We strive to continually fulfill and exceed our customers expectations. We are committed to maintaining good process based systems of QEHS management using a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach and that focuses on strong customer service. These systems meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 and monitor customer satisfaction as part of our performance measurement system. We actively consider the safety of our customers’ employees engaged in installing our product solutions.

Other Stakeholders


We will have open communication with stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, contractors, local authorities and the local community) related to our activities, and any effects from our operations, and be fair and equitable in all our business relationships. We will identify relevant internal and external issues and determine the needs and expectations of interested parties. Using this data we will then identify the risks and opportunities and put in place processes to address those risks and realise the opportunities. We will evaluate compliance of our contractors against our QEHS principles and favour those on the basis of their ability to co-operate and assist with those principles and this policy. This policy will be communicated and made avaialble to all our employees and other interested parties.

Risk Management


We will take all practical steps including emergency plans, to identify and control QEHS and other business risks arising from our activities, using appropriate risk assessment trechniques. We will take action to minimise any such risks. Emergency plans and risk assessments will be periodically tested and reviewed. We will maintain plant and equipment to relevant specified standards. We will endeavour to prevent any non-conformance that may lead to incidents (personal injury or work related ill health, property damage, environmental impact or damage, customer complaint) by the implementation of our QEHS policies, internal auditing processes and incident investigation including implementation of preventative actions.

Continual Improvement


We are committed to continual improvement of our QEHS performance, realised through our process based systems. Through effective raw material usage, elimination of waste, continual reduction in energy usage, setting “SMART” business Objectives and Targets we will reduce our operational costs, our impact on the environment and keep our employees safe. In addition this policy will be reviewed annually to reflect the needs of our business, its effect on people and environment and the need for continual improvement. 

Mike Rimmer, Operations Director ............................................Date: 31st January 2018

A copy of the Icopal QHSE policy can be downloaded below.

Icopal Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

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