Icopal Donates Product To Deserving Family


Icopal has recently donated Monarplan GF 1.5mm single ply roofing in light grey to a deserving family from Monmouth in Wales, featured on the BBC One series ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build’. The product, which is a fully adhered system and was installed directly to the plywood deck, was used as part of a life changing transformation to their home. In addition, Icopal also donated their pre-formed coated Monarplan edge trims for the perimeter of the roof.

DIY-SOS-Big-Build-Icopal-2Charlotte Fairlie and her husband Rob were eagerly anticipating the birth of their twin boys when tragedy struck. During the pregnancy, Charlotte developed pre-eclampsia. Although she was monitored throughout the pregnancy, minutes after giving birth, Charlotte suffered a serious stroke sending her into a coma. Despite being given just a 1% chance of survival, luckily Charlotte pulled through. However, the stroke caused brain damage, partial paralysis and loss of speech.

Charlotte was moved to a specialist hospital and against all odds she has now returned home where devoted husband Rob cares for her full time. Despite making good progress, it is limited by the couple’s house since she lacks the space and facilities to be able to care for herself. As a result, the two-bedroom semi-detached house required a double-storey rear extension to create space for a physiotherapy room and en-suite wet room for Charlotte along with the much-needed extra bedroom for a live in carer.

Icopal’s product, used for the two flat roofs on the build, was installed by Roofing Technologies Ltd who stepped in just 24 hours before the build started.

Ben Murphy, Director of Roofing Technologies commented, “Given the nature of the building’s use in that it’s a domestic property, the Icopal system we installed was ideal as it provides a great modern finish. It was also quick to install and allowed us to adapt to the build and roof layout, which changed considerably to what was originally planned.”

“The call to get involved in the show came very late giving us just 24 hours notice to organise operatives to attend site. However, we were very pleased to assist with such a worthy project and our operatives worked extremely hard doing 12-hour shifts over two days. I even received a call from Nick Knowles personally to thank us for our involvement,” Ben finished.

With the help of other manufacturers and suppliers like Icopal and local tradespeople like Roofing Technologies, the show was able to complete the entire build in just nine days ensuring there was minimal disruption to the family.

Andy Cooper of Icopal commented, “When we heard about the project, we were very keen to get involved by donating product. It’s great to be able to be part of a show, which helps such a deserving family.”

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