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Icopal’s Parabit DUO and SOLO Hot Melt Membrane Systems are the company’s latest additions. Providing the optimum waterproofing solution, the products allow large roof areas to be covered very quickly when compared to alternative waterproofing membranes, which helps to reduce overall roofing costs.

The Parabit DUO Hot Melt System consists of a very flexible monolithic waterproofing membrane manufactured from a special blend of bitumen synthetic rubbers, polymers and other additives, combined with a spun-bond polyester fabric and high performance elastomeric membrane. There is no risk of water tracking beneath the membrane as the bitumen compound is heated to a liquid and applied directly to the structural deck forming a full and continuous bond to the substrate. Furthermore, because the hot melt layer is monolithic and seamless, there is no risk of lap failure.

The membrane retains its self-healing characteristics throughout its working life, and can tolerate minor construction damage. It can also be applied in low temperatures helping to maximise installer productivity. Immediately after application of the Hot Melt substance the surface is impervious to the elements, making it a robust, fast and durable solution.

The Parabit SOLO system is notably time efficient, as the multiple waterproofing layers are installed in a single operation. This allows for the prompt continuation of other internal trades. Also, detailing such as upstands and plinths can be completed before main system application, so the time of skilled subcontractors is used effectively. Follow on trades, using the roof area as a working platform, can complete their work before the main roof area is installed, limiting the risk of damage to the main waterproofing installation.

The systems are particularly compatible with four types of roof build up: the inverted roof (sometimes referred to as an ‘upside down’ roof), plaza or podium decks, terraces and balconies, and green roofs. Extensive or intensive green roof build-ups can be installed above the completed hot melt waterproofing layer, acting as a ballast and water attenuation system.

Simon Ashworth at Icopal commented: “With Parabit Duo and Solo Hot Melt Roof Waterproofing Systems, we can offer our customers the full package required to protect their buildings from the environment and ensure longevity. The systems’ intricate design combined with the efficiency of the application process, make for a sound investment - in both time and money”.


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