Icopal Acoustics Bring Comfort To Residential Development


Icopal’s Bridgestop, Isolation Strip and Tranquilt products have helped create a safe, secure and welcoming environment for the residents at Trinity Apartments, Parkgate – a stylish new extra care scheme for Solihull Care Housing Association located in Shirley, Solihull. Chosen for their range of products and technical expertise, Icopal delivered excellent sound insulation; with pre-completion sound testing scores achieving the maximum credits for sound reduction.

A masonry frame with concrete precast planks anchors the construction of 51 apartments with communal amenities, guest suites and staffing facilities. The planning stage of the Trinity Apartments, Parkgate development called for significant sound reductions, with acoustic glazing coupled with internal sound insulation to provide the best living environment for residents. Jessup, the award winning developer working on the project, specified a selection of Icopal’s Monarfloor products to meet these requirements.

Monarfloor Bridgestop is a high performance membrane that prevents acoustic bridging commonly caused by a mortar build-up at the base of the cavity within separating party-cavity walls. It was used to achieve four credits within the Code for Sustainable Homes, a level that the development was required to meet in order to receive government funding. It is also specified within Robust Details E-WM-19 and A2, and is often used as an acoustic isolation system for party walls, raft foundations or a continual slab.

To complement Bridgestop, Icopal’s reinforced bitumen based Isolation Strip was fitted to provide further acoustic isolation and damping. The Isolation Strip does not have an adverse effect on the structural stability of the building, but rather offers developers flexibility with various widths available for all applications. At only 3mm thick, Monarfloor Isolation Strip is easy to install and is more capable of dealing with domestic loadings making it an ideal choice for the Trinity Apartments development.

The final element, Monarfloor Tranquilt, provided a further four credits for the Code for Sustainable Homes, whilst its one part system and lightweight design allowed for an easy installation. Tranquilt is a lightweight acoustic isolation system for Floating Screeds and specified within Robust Details E-FC-11. When installed alongside Bridgestop and the Isolation Strip, it enables a concrete floor to surpass the performance requirements of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.

Tim Gough of Jessup commented on why he chose to use Icopal’s products, “We have worked closely with Icopal for the last eight years and its products are solely used on all of our schemes. With the majority of our projects being government funded, achieving maximum credits for sound insulation either through Robust Detail or pre-completion sound testing is imperative. Icopal’s range of products, coupled with the technical team’s expertise and support has been exemplary. This provides tried and tested systems that give us – and our clients – the assurance that we’ll achieve the desired results.”

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