Faster Installation With Updated Icopal Tecnatorch Range

Faster Installation With Updated Icopal Range


Designed to speed up installation and improve energy efficiency, Icopal has further improved its Anderson Tecnatorch range of roofing capsheets, with a new formulation that reduces installation time even further.

Now developed as an 8m roll with 4.2mm thickness, the upgraded product offers exceptional quality and value. Anderson Tecnatorch is a time proven market leader for use in high performance bituminous built-up systems on flat, pitched or curved roofs. When incorporated in a multi-layer structure, it will greatly improve the long-term performance of that system. Anderson Tecnatorch carries BBA accreditation and life expectancy of over 30 years.

What’s more, the improvement of new adhesion technology has improved the product’s installation time by almost a third. Specially designed SBS modified bitumen blends have been used to create a grooved underside, finished with a thermofusible film. As the film is only in contact with the peaks of the ridged surface, minimal heat is required to activate the adhesive properties of the bitumen and disperse the film. This means guaranteed full bonding of the sheet with less gas used during installation, which further boosts the energy efficiency credentials of the range.

Neil Harrison, Technical and Marketing Director at Icopal commented: “Anderson is synonymous with quality and Tecnatorch is one of Icopal’s flagship brands. As such, we have invested in its upgrades to enhance its established values.

“We’ve improved the grooved torching surface to make it easier for the roofer, while the increased thickness provides better durability. Roll size has increased and cardboard cores improve the rigidity of the rolls. This makes for more efficient handling and transportation. For distribution customers, the addition of cardboard cores allows pallets to be double stacked, saving on warehouse space.”

The customer as always, is very much at the centre of the inspiration for this change. Icopal complements this with a strong network of technical support, including well-established technical teams who are able to advise on all aspects of design, specification and installation.

Tecnatorch also comes with a 20-year product guarantee and a choice of colours including green, brown, blue/grey and charcoal.

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