Technical Bulletin - New Dalite Rooflight Cover Trim for Bituminous/Torch Applied Systems


Icopal have introduced a NEW and improved aluminium cover trim detail for the Dalite Rooflight range where torch applied membranes are to be installed. This will replace the current plastic cover trim as from now on.

The reasoning for this is that the NEW aluminium cover trim is designed to provide some protection of the rooflight from potential torch damage when being installed. The rooflight is delivered with the aluminium cover trim in the horizontal position, which provides protection to the dome top and vent grilles. Once the membrane has been torched on, the trim hinges down and four corner pieces are clicked in, to form the finished cover trim.

Therefore there will still be two options depending upon the waterproofing system to be installed on the rooflight upstand: -

  1. “Cover Trim” – This is the NEW aluminium trim and is designed to be hinged into place after a torch on membrane has been applied to the upstand. Remember there should never be direct heat applied to the upstand, it should only be applied to the membrane.
  2. “Membrane Clamp” – this is the clamp that we have currently been using and should still be specified for use on single ply and cold applied liquid systems, where a “peel stop” is necessary.

Please see instructions below for some further technical information or click here to download an installation guide

New Aluminium Cover Trim

  • Supplied on the kerb, hinged up in the horizontal position. Once the membrane has been torched on, the aluminium cover trim hinges down and the corner pieces are clicked into position.
  • Care should be taken when hinging down the aluminium trims following torching on of the membrane as they will be hot from the residual heat of the torch.
  • Used when applying torch-on membranes to the integrated Dalite rooflight UPVC kerbs
  • Provides extremely neat finish

What is it?

Aluminium extrusion with dual function, factory fitted to PVC kerb.

What does it do?

  1. Up position (as supplied) –provides some protection to the dome and vent grilles from torch damage during installation.
  2. Down position – flashes over waterproofing termination and provides neat finish


  • Quick and simple installation procedure
  • Provides a level of protection to the dome and vent grilles from potential torch damage
  • Provides improved aesthetics over the waterproofing termination detail

New Dalite Rooflight Cover Trim for Bituminous/Torch Applied Systems 


Installation of the new Aluminium Cover Trim


1. Remove the yellow tape that holds the metal corner plates in place. Leave the corner plates in place at this stage.


2. Waterproof up to the membrane termination point on the kerb – Protection from the torch is provided to the dome and vents above
Always apply the flame of the torch to the membrane and never to the kerb.

Caution: metal cover trim gets hot! – leave to cool or wear gloves before continuing

3. Once fully weathered, remove the metal corner plates new-dalite-aluminium-cover-trim-3a
4. Push cover trims down new-dalite-aluminium-cover-trim-4a
5. Slide the grey plastic corners on, in an upwards direction until they click into both extrusions new-dalite-aluminium-cover-trim-5a
6. Completed Installation new-dalite-aluminium-cover-trim-6b-completed

Rooflight Sticker

The sticker below will appear on the upstand and dome of all relevant Dalite products with the new cover trim, which will provide the installers with guidance on how to fit it correctly.


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