Icopal Achieves Top Performance At Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Icopal Achieves Top Performance At Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts


The world famous Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts – widely known by the acronym, LIPA – has seen a major refurbishment and redevelopment contract carried out by Kier; with three different systems from the range of Icopal Ltd having been selected to ensure the old and new roof areas will remain fully protected from the city’s notoriously wet weather.

The roofing works, which are now fully complete, were carried out by Liverpool based member of Icopal’s national installer network, Mac Roofing. The specialist sub-contractor earned accolades for the high standards of workmanship and attention to detail achieved in what were sometimes challenging circumstances.

The larger, high level of roof, over an existing office building, had some 600 square metres of Icopal Monarplan GF single ply membrane installed as a warm roof build up. Then the lower, new-build section of the structure to house the new LIPA Sixth Form College was treated with Monarplan FM, while a Parabit Solo hot melt bitumen liquid waterproofing system was employed as part of an inverted roof build-up where heavy plant was to be installed.

As part of its comprehensive service to Mac Roofing and the main contractor for the LIPA project, Icopal conducted a detailed survey of the existing roof; as well as tying this into a viable specification for the new-build work, to achieve a cost effective package for the entire scheme.

The Contracts Manager on the project for Mac Roofing, Ian Gordon, commented: “Icopal’s product range is on Kier’s supply chain, and we proposed its use for the LIPA project based on our past experience of working with the manufacturer. We have a very good relationship with Icopal, getting excellent support from its technical reps. On this project for instance the Business Development Manager, Paul Eccles, visited site every other week to check on progress and sign off on the work completed for guarantee purposes.

“We were praised by the main contractor, Kier, for what we achieved on this project as some aspects of it were very challenging. The main roof, which has an area of some 600 square metres, featured fibreboard insulation beneath the old asphalt which was completely saturated in places and had to be stripped right back to the original concrete deck.”

Across the main roof, the Monarplan GF was fully bonded down across 140 mm of board insulation and the vapour control layer. Then when it came to the plant room area of the lower roof, the specification arrived at featured 225 mm of EPS insulation and ballast as well as slabs, laid over the Parabit Solo hot melt, applied directly to the concrete deck.

Mac Roofing’s team of highly experienced operatives were involved on the LIPA project throughout the late spring and summer months of this year, concluding their work in 2016. The buildings have been completed and handed over to the famous education establishment to serve as the new LIPA Sixth Form College, which opened in September 2016.

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