New Icopal Membrane Guarantees Performance on Problematic Project


Icopal_Elastoflex_01Elastoflex Liquid Waterproofing System (LWS) is the latest offering of reinforced cold applied waterproofing systems from Icopal. This new addition, which is weather resistant within 30 minutes, has seen the company break boundaries thanks to its continued research and development into the latest liquid roofing membrane technology.

Designed primarily for use within the commercial refurbishment and new build sectors, the exceptionally strong Elastoflex LWS provides specifiers and contractors with an extremely adaptive system. It meets the needs of even the most challenging projects such as roof areas exhibiting complex geometry, multiple surface penetrations, difficult access, restrictive clearances or other demanding elements. The system is ideal where more traditional methods of waterproofing prove difficult.

Elastoflex LWS, which can be used on its own or in conjunction with Icopal’s range of high performing roofing membranes, benefits from ‘wet-on-wet’ application. This offers greater internal bond strength between coating layers and, since drying is not required, the primary waterproofing elements can be applied in one single process, dramatically reducing application time. Furthermore, the system also allows for structurally sound roofs to be covered without the need to strip the existing waterproofing, further reducing labour and ultimately, saving costs.

With an extensive choice of primers, thinners and cleaners, waterproof coatings, reinforcing mats and walkways and finishes, Elastoflex LWS is ideal for any type of application, including balconies, terraces, and inverted roofs and plaza decks.

Simon Ashworth, Product Manager at Icopal said: “At Icopal, we strive to provide specifiers and contractors with unique products that deliver exemplary solutions. Elastoflex, with its high performance and up to 20 years guarantee, is a great example of this and, with such a wide range of products, the options for membrane systems really are endless.”


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