Icopal Noxite actively purifies harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) particles from the air

Purifying Air Now And In The Future


The effectiveness of Icopal’s Noxite in converting nearly 90% of surrounding nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrates has been validated by BBA (British Board of Agrément). The lightweight waterproof roofing membrane is proven to reduce air pollution by purifying harmful NOx particles from the air. And, as the need for this innovative material grows, Icopal has extended the range to include a dark grey finish.

Air pollution is a significant issue particularly in city centres - it can reduce human life expectancy by more than eight months on average and by more than two years in the most polluted cities and regions.

Along with carbon dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxides (nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) collectively referred to as NOx particles) are also harmful to the environment. The gas is created when nitrogen is released during fuel combustion (especially at high temperatures) and can react to form smog and acid rain, not to mention being central to the formation of ground level ozone, also a pollutant.

As architects and specifiers seek even more ways to not only reduce their environmental impact but to actually make a positive contribution to the surrounding area, Icopal’s Noxite therefore provides the perfect solution. With the roof representing a main structural element and one that occupies a large external area of a building, there is a real opportunity to introduce a system that proactively works with the environment to improve the structure’s environmental performance.


Arrival of the pollutant (NOx)
Excitation of the TiO2

Transformation of the pollutant

Nitrates diluted and washed
away in rainwater

Noxite can be applied to all roof constructions, whether it be flat or sloping roofs on new build or refurbishment projects. The waterproofing membrane has surface slates/granules, which are coated with titanium dioxide; this functions as a catalyst in the process of changing the NOx particles into harmless levels of nitrates.

The whole process is activated when UV radiation from the sun hits the titanium dioxide particles, releasing energy for breaking down the NOx particles; these particles are converted into harmless levels of nitrates, which are then washed away through natural rainfall. As a result, the material reduces air pollution and provides a cleaner, healthier environment. The de-polluting effect of the Noxite membrane will last for the entire life of the roof.

Independent tests have proven that this product can convert nearly 90% of nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrates, simply through the presence of UV light (which would naturally come in the form of sunlight). In fact, just 100m2 of Noxite roofing membrane can purify as much NOx from the air as produced by an average car travelling 10,000 miles per year. If you consider a 1,000m2 roof, approximately 52 million m3 of polluted air can be neutralised per year.

The results of these tests have now also been validated by the BBA (British Board of Agrément), which assessed the test reports compiled by three recognised testing stations. They concluded that the test results show Noxite granules have a significant depolluting capacity when added as a mineral finish to waterproofing membranes.

Phil Singleton, Product Manager for Icopal’s “Eco-Activ” range of products commented, “At Icopal, we are always looking for ways to continually develop our solutions further and Noxite is a great example of this. Noxite offers the ideal solution to make a long-lasting contribution to a cleaner environment and these new developments in terms of colour and testing have not only proved the product’s capabilities but also ensured that our customers are offered even more design flexibility.”

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