Icopal Holds Golf Day For Customers At Woburn Golf Club

Icopal Holds Golf Day For Customers At Woburn Golf Club


Icopal-Golf-Day-For-Customers-At-Woburn-Golf-Club-02Weeks before one of the biggest events in the Golf calendar, the British Masters, Icopal members of staff and their customers took on the challenge of the Marquess Course at Woburn Golf Club, near Milton Keynes.

In previous years, Decra, part of the Icopal Group, held its own annual golf day. This year marked the first where many Icopal brands came together to co-host the event.

The participants played an individual competition with the tournament’s overall winner, James Wilkinson of AHR, winning a full set of golf clubs worth £600. Other winners were Icopal’s Daryll Croft, who got nearest the pin on the 6th hole, and Brian Reid of Redpath Bruce LLP, awarded a putter for the longest drive on the 18th.

Icopal-Golf-Day-For-Customers-At-Woburn-Golf-Club-01Two players came very close to a hole in one on the 17th, an achievement that would have won them a £40,000 BMW 4 Series Convertible - the day’s top prize for a hole in one. Exciting prizes offered for a hole in one on the course’s other Par 3s included a set of golf clubs, a stay for four at the Forest of Arden and a trip for two to Portugal.

Woburn’s Marquess Course, designed specifically to challenge the most seasoned professional is the very same course to host the British Masters, supported by Sky Sports, in early October 2015. Due to the success of this year’s event, Icopal is already beginning to plan for next year’s event.

Icopal-Golf-Day-For-Customers-At-Woburn-Golf-Club-03Simon Woods, Sales Director at Icopal, gave his thoughts on the day, “Bringing all of our brands together as well as some of our most loyal customers has been a great way to say thank you to our valued clients. We made sure our prizes reflected our appreciation and although no one won big this year, we’re already looking forward to inviting even more to next year’s event.”

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