Anderson HT Polyester Flat Roofing Range

Anderson HT Polyester Flat Roofing Range

The Anderson HT Polyester system was the first bitumen flat roofing membrane system to utilise the high strength performance of polyester carriers following the move to lighter, more flexible modern building structures. 

Features & Benefits

  • For new or remedial applications.
  • Good long term ageing – 30 year life expectancy when correctly installed and maintained.
  • BBA Tested and Approved.
  • Exceptional tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Choice of colours.

Icopal Insured Guarantees for up to 20 Years

Icopal Insured GuaranteeWhen installed to Icopal’s specification and by a Team Icopal approved contractor, comprehensive insured guarantee cover for up to 20 years is available.
Further information on the different levels of guarantee cover.

Anderson HT Polyester Product Range

The Anderson HT flat roofing system consists of the following products:

Anderson HT Polyester Capsheets


The high performance pour & roll cap sheets are  oxidised bitumen membranes reinforced with a polyester carrier. Upper surface finished with a green mineral with 75mm selvedge, or sand finished for use in a protected flat roof system.

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
2002601 HT 180 Polyester Green Capsheet 1m x 10m 35kg
2002604 HT 250 Polyester Green Capsheet 1m x 8m 37kg


Icopal HT Polyester Underlays

High performance oxidised bitumen flat roofing membrane with polyester reinforcement. Upper and lower surfaces are sand finished.

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
2000234 HT 125 Polyester Underlay 1m x 16m 30kg
2002600 HT 180 Polyester Underlay 1m x 20m 37kg
2002602 HT 250 Polyester Underlay 1m x 20m  41kg



Icopal HT Taping Strip

Product Code Description Roll Size
2002605 HT 125 Taping Strip 100mm x 16m



Power Elastomeric capsheets and underlays have been independently site and laboratory tested by the British Board of Agrément, and awarded BBA certificate number 91/2618.

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