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Roofgard Edge Trims

The Icopal Roofgard Roof Edge Trim range provides a superior and effective roof edge trim to  built-up felt roofing. Quick and easy to install, they will retain their colour and shape for the life of the building.

Three different profiles, all in a black finish, are available including the standard TYPE B50 section. TYPE B100 section has an extended 100mm fascia. TYPE B150 has an extended 150mm fascia.

Type B50 Type B100 Type B150
Roofguard-grp-edge-trim-B50  Roofguard-grp-edge-trim-B100  Roofguard-grp-edge-trim-B150


Roofgard Edge Trims & Corner Trims

Product Code Description Unit of Sale
3000101 Roofgard Edge Trim B50 (3m length) Each
3000102 Roofgard Internal Corner B50 Each
3000103 Roofgard External Corner B50  Each
3000105 Roofgard Edge Trim B100 (3m length)  Each
3000106 Roofgard Internal Corner B100  Each
3000107 Roofgard External Corner B100  Each
3000109 Roofgard Edge Trim B150 (3m length)  Each
3000110 Roofgard Internal Corner B150  Each
3000111 Roofgard External Corner B150  Each


Features & Benefits

Good Adhesion Without Leaks - These exclusive designs have an inclined profile where the bitumen waterproofing joins the trim ensuring a perfect bond. This feature eliminates leakage and excludes water retention under the roof covering.

Fire Resistance - Roofgard GRP Edge Trims are not affected by the flames present when using torch applied materials.

Strength and Style - The combined ingredients of glass fibre and polyester resin produce a strong, smooth surface. The trim length fabricated corners and joints retain their shape over time and correct installation of spacer ensures the elimination of unsightly stains on the building facade.

Corrosion Resistance - Icopal Roofgard GRP profiles can withstand considerable variations in temperature and atmospheric conditions. The material is chemically inert and is unaffected by rain, freezing temperatures U.V. light. This corrosion resistance renders the product ideal for commercial and industrial developments.

Tough and Scratch Resistant - The GRP colour is solid and consistent throughout the body of the trim. Scratches are not visually apparent. The pigments are U.V. stable and the trim retains its appearance for years of maintenance free service.

Minimal Thermal Expansion - A low coefficient of thermal expansion ensures a prolonged roof life as cracks are minimised and leaks are avoided. A perfect fit is assured even after many years of service. 

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