Torch-on Roofing Systems

Offering an increase in application rates of up to 30 per cent, our torch-applied roofing systems can be applied with a low flame (and no bitumen boilers) due to their specially formulated resin blends and grooved technology.

The result is a system which is safer to use, saves time and money, and still delivers exceptional strength, puncture resistance and flexibility, essential for long term durability.

Icopal-Profiles-Range TotalTorch-Range Xtra-Gard-Flat-Roofing-Systems

APP-Membranes SBS-Membranes Eco-Activ-Noxite

FireSmart Icopal-Duo Icopal-Rootbar


Torch-on Products Include

Capsheets   Underlay & Vapour Control Layers

Anderson APP Capsheets 

Anderson SBS Torch-on Roofing Capsheets 

Anderson SBS Top Torch Capsheets


Elastotherm Capsheets 

Expandrit Plus Capsheets 

FireSmart Profiles XL & Profiles XL Plus Capsheets

FireSmart Tecnatorch Capsheets 

FireSmart Torch-on Capsheets 

Noxite Classic

Performa APP Capsheets

Profiles XL & Profiles XL Plus Capsheets

Profiles XL Noxite

Profiles XL PLUS Noxite

Rootbar Torch-on Capsheet 

Sun-Activ Capsheets

Tecnatorch SBS Torch-on Roofing Capsheets 

Thermaweld Mineral Capsheets

Thermaweld Noxite 

Thermaweld Aluminium 

Thermaweld Copper 


Top Torch APP Capsheets 

Top Torch SBS Capsheets

Xtra-Gard Flexitorch E Torch-on Mineral Capsheet (Economy)

Xtra-Gard Flexitorch P Torch-on Mineral Capsheet (Premium) 

Xtra-Gard Flexitorch S Torch-on Mineral Capsheet (Standard)

Xtra-Gard Polytorch APP Torch-on Capsheet 


Anderson APP Top Torch Underlays

Anderson SBS Top Torch Underlays

Anderson APP Torch-on Underlay 

Anderson SBS Torch-on Underlay 

Premium SBS Torch-on Underlay 

Profiles Vapour-Vent XL 

Profiles Vent XL Underlay 

Profiles XL Sand Underlay 

Top Torch AP2 & AP3 Underlays

Top Torch SB2 & SB3 Underlays

Total Torch Vapour Control Layer 

Total Torch Vapour Dispersion Layer 

Xtra-Gard Flexitorch Premium SBS Torch-on Underlay

Xtra-Gard Flexitorch SBS Torch-on Underlay 

Xtra-Gard Polytorch APP Torch-on Underlay 



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