Icopal Anderson Thermically Activated Roofing Membrane Product Range

Icopal SA Primer

Icopal S.A. Primer is a high-performance solvent based low viscosity, black, quick drying polymeric priming solution. It is designed to improve the bond adhesion of thermically-activated self-adhesive bituminous membranes to a variety of substrates. The reduced solvent content in the formulation quickly evaporates allowing for fast and permanent bonding to horizontal and vertical substrates.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick drying time with instant grab
  • Roller applied for simple application
  • High tack properties
  • Strong permanent polymeric bond

Product Availability

Product Code Description Container Size
3103002 Icopal SA Bitumen Primer 5 L
3103003 Icopal SA Bitumen Primer 25 L



Performance Data:
Colour: Black/brown
Appearance: Liquid
Solvent: Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Flashpoint: -18 °C
Coverage Rate: 4 - 8 m²/litre
Application Temperature: 4 - 25 °C
Drying Time: 5 to 30 mins (depending on ambient conditions)
Container Size: 5 L, 25 L


Application Benefits

Icopal S.A. Primer is applied using a brush or solvent resistant roller, allowing for easy, simple installation. The Icopal S.A. Primer has been formulated to have high tack properties making it ideally suited to upstands and vertical applications. The instant grab of the primer secures the membrane for a watertight seal once cured. 

Surface Preparation

Ensure the substrate is structurally sound, free of surface laitance, oils, grease, dirt, moss, lichen, and loose material.

The surface should be smooth and free from sharp projections and loose debris, and any material which would hinder adhesion..


Icopal SA Primer is ready for use and should not be diluted. Remove the lid and stir the primer thoroughly before and during use.

Using a solvent resistant brush or roller, apply Icopal SA Primer at a rate of 0.12-0.25 L/m², depending on type and absorbency of substrate. Apply a thin and even coat, and avoid pooling. Primer to be dry to touch prior to application of the self-adhesive membrane. Icopal SA Primer should not be applied to wet surfaces. Drying time can vary and is dependent on the prevailing conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

Apply the thermically-activated self-adhesive membrane as soon as possible after the primer is dry.


Icopal S.A. Primer is compatible with most building materials with which it is likely to come in to contact with. However, spillage onto hydrocarbon based materials, such as bitumen membranes and mastic asphalt, may cause some softening of those surfaces if left unattended. It is not suitable for use in combination with polystyrene or soft pvc products.

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