TorchSafe M A Single Layer Membrane System Layouts

System Layouts

The following flat roofing systems utilise the latest bitumen bonding technology to increase safety in installation, particularly over combustible substrates such as plywood & OSB roof decks where torch application is eliminated.

Click on the appropriate roof type button below to find the right TorchSafe M.A. thermically activated waterproofing system for your project.

  • Warm Roof, Plywood & OSB substrates - System 1

    Mechanically Adhered

    Torchsafe MA mechanically adhered 

    1 TorchSafe M.A. Single Layer Membrane - FireSmart   7 Thermazone Angle Fillets
    2 Icopal Tubular Membrane fixings   8 T.A. Detailing Underlay
    3 Thermazone Roofboard   9 TorchSafe T.A. Single Layer Membrane - FireSmart
    4 Icopal Tubular Insulation fixings   10 Icopal SFT Adhesive
    5 TorchSafe T.A. Sanded Vapour Control Layer   11 FormFlash Cover Flashing
    6 Icopal T.A. Activator      
  • Warm Roof, Plywood & OSB substrates - System 2


    Warm roof timber adhered Torchsafe MA 

    1 TorchSafe M.A. Single Layer Membrane - FireSmart   6 Icopal T.A.Activator
    2 Icopal SFT Adhesive   7 Thermazone Angle Fillets
    3 Thermazone Roofboard Insulation   8 T.A. Detailing Underlay
    4 Icopal Insulation Adhesive   9 T.A. Detailing Mineral - FireSmart
    5 TorchSafe T.A. VCL Sanded   10 FormFlash Cover Flashing
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