Vapour Control The Critical Layer

Vapour Control - The Critical Layer

The Vapour Control Layer is the first layer of attachment to the substrate and represents a critical layer in any roof waterproofing system.

Installation of the VCL is paramount to resist wind uplift forces and to keep the whole system attached to the structure with it’s primary function of preventing moisture vapour from within the building affecting the thermal insulation through condensation. 

Combustible Substrates: For substrates such as plywood, and other combustible surfaces it is recommended that a TorchSafe T.A. vapour control layer is used.
Specially formulated from self adhesive SBS modified bitumen formulations, the membranes are laid cold into a T.A. butyl activator which reacts with the bitumen to provide a secure initial bond to the substrate.

TorchSafe T.A. VCL Sanded

A SBS modified bitumen VCL reinforced with an extra strong glass fibre fleece combined with a PET aluminium core. It has a 75mm wide bitumen selvedge along one long edge finished with a release film allowing a safe watertight overlap to be formed and the fine granular sand upper surface allows the use of Icopal Insulation Adhesive, providing a completely cold method of protecting the combustible surfaces from naked flames. Hot air can be used to increase surface temperature and ensure the correct level of attachment is achieved.
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TorchSafe T.A. VCL Sanded

TorchSafe T.A. VCL Sanded

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