Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Systems

KwikGuard Fall Protection System - Roof Edge Guard Rails

Two guard rail fall protection systems are available, neither of which require fixings that penetrate the roof surface ensuring the waterproof integrity remains intact.

Features & Benefits

  • Very easy to assemble, saving installation time .
  • As there are no roof penetrations, potential waterproofing problems are avoided .
  • Angled uprights reduce rail visibility.
  • Robust galvanised finish as standard.
  • Powder coated finish to order.
  • Complies with HSE 15, HSG 33, BS 729 and BS EN ISO 1461:1999
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • CE Marked.

KwikGuard Parapet Guard Rail System

KwikGuard Parapet Guard Rail SystemA KwikGuard guard rail system designed for use on parapets of 300mm wide or more.



KwikGuard Guard Rail System

KwikGuard Guard Rail System KwikGuard is a counterbalanced weight guard rail fall protection system that does not require fixing to the roof, protecting both waterproofing and guarantees. It takes its strength from proven cantilever design and locking principles.


The KwikGuard guard rail fall protection system comprises uprights and cross rails connected by corner elbow sections. Feet and counter balance weights have ribbed rubber pads to further increase security under load whilst protecting the roof covering below. Components are secured with zinc plated grubb screws.


Kwikguard: Lone Upright


Kwikguard: Short Upright


Choosing The Right Safety System

All roofs require safe access for general maintenance, plant servicing or renewal, or general inspection and therefore it is important to consider safe access to the roof, our roof safety and fall protection guide provides advice.

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