Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Systems

KwikLine Fall Arrest System - Constant Force Post

The performance of fall protection and fall arrest systems are based on effective load control. A system must be able to withstand the force of a person(s) fall and absorb the energy generated.

The Icopal Solution

The Constant Force posts at the heart of the Icopal system are fixed to the roof deck giving more freedom for system location specific to the hazards. In the event of deployment, the load is absorbed by the entire system through a pre-tensioned stainless steel coil inside each post, there by reducing the impact load to both the person and the roof structure. The Constant Force post is omnidirectional further protecting the worker irrespective of the fall direction. 

Product Range

Icopal Constant Force Post

Provides fall protection through a permanently mounted roof anchorage point.



Icopal Free Standing Constant Force Post

Provides roof safety when it is not appropriate to use posts which need to be fixed to the roof deck.

Icopal Free Standing Constant Force Post

Icopal Free Standing ManGuard System

Alternative system to provide fall protection when it is not appropriate to use posts which need to be fixed to the roof deck.


Icopal Free Standing ManGuard System

Personal Protection Equipment

Icopal will be pleased to advise on the most appropriate PPE for use with our Roof Safety Systems.

Personal Protection Equipment


Features & Benefits of KwikLine Fall Arrest System

  • During a fall the worker is protected by the post absorbing the load.
  • Waterproofing integrity and guarantee is protected.
  • The fall load imposed on the roof at any one post is limited to a maximum of 10kN.
  • The fall protection system is fixed from above and therefore quick to install by registered installers.
  • No need to fix to structural steel or purlins.
  • Posts can be installed on most types of roof deck which are structurally sound.
  • Suitable for use on sloping roofs up to 15º .
  • Minimises cold bridging.
  • Marine grade stainless steel used for key components.
  • The fall protection system is tested, certified and tagged prior to use.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and flexible design.
  • CE marked, complies with BS EN 795.
  • Only system guaranteed for use within an Icopal roofing system.
  • Systems designed and tested to provide fall protection for up to 3 users at any one time.

Traditional issues with fall protection systems

Previously it was necessary to attach the fall protection system anchors back to the building structure. As such, any resulting load would be dissipated through the structure. The system location was also restricted as this was determined by the position of the structural elements. System installation was time consuming, requiring a number of site visits to complete the overall solution. These installations also created issues with warranties, the overall roof integrity and cold bridging.

Choosing The Right Safety System

All roofs require safe access for general maintenance, plant servicing or renewal, or general inspection and therefore it is important to consider safe access to the roof, our roof safety and fall protection guide provides advice.


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