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Icopal Free Standing Constant Force Post Fall Protection System

Freestanding Icopal Constant Force post The freestanding Icopal Constant Force post is for use as a single point anchor fall protection system conforming to BS EN 795 Class E.

A series of posts may be linked together using stainless steel rope to create a free-standing Kwikline system. This is especially useful when it is not appropriate to use posts which need to be fixed to the roof deck.

Features and Benefits

  • The post has been tested and approved for use on concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt-sanded, asphalt-stone chipped and steel roof profiles.
  • Each freestanding fall protection post is omni-directional.
  • Each segment has an integral carry handle.
  • Can be used on nominally flat roofs (up to a maximum pitch of 5º) where it is impractical to install traditional Constant Force posts or rigid anchor posts to the roof or supporting stucture. 

Models available

Three models are available:

  • 400kg post – for use as a single point anchor or as the end posts within a horizontal cable system.
  • 300kg post – for use only as a single point anchor.
  • 200kg post – for use only as an intermediate anchor within a horizontal cable system by an Icopal registered intaller.  


The freestanding post is supplied in component part form and requires assembly before the device can be put into service.
The approximate weight for individual segments is as follows:

  • Rubber coated base segment is 25kg.
  • Galvanised segment is 23kg.


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