Parabit Hot Melt Applied Liquid Waterproofing System

After Care & Maintenance

The following care and maintenance requirements are for the PARABIT Hot Applied Liquid Waterproofing System. BS 6229 provides further guidance on the maintenance of flat roofs.

Icopal recommend that your maintenance staff and/or maintenance contractor inspect the roof periodically or at least twice a year ideally before and after the winter period. As PARABIT Hot Melt membranes are inverted, very few elements of the waterproofing will be visible. As a result, it is essential that the rainwater outlets remain free of debris. All other debris should be removed before causing damage and signs of any potential failures should be reported and remedial action taken at an early stage. Maintenance items are the responsibility of the building owner.

Item Action
Internally Check internal surfaces visually for signs of moisture, leakage or condensation (e.g. damp patches, staining etc)
Drainage Do not use the roof as a working platform for adjoining buildings or further works. Suitable protection must be provided for means of safe access. Adequate membrane protection should also be provided so as not to damage the membrane where exposed
Petroleum Products Keep the roof surface clean at drain areas to avoid clogging. Clear leaves, silt or other debris, which may cause blockage
of outlets or otherwise impede drainage
Chemicals Contact Icopal if any chemicals come in contact with the roofing membrane. Some chemicals could degrade the membrane or cause swelling.
Exposed Details Check laps of all exposed membrane. Ensure all laps are secure
Roof Alterations Check with Icopal that the proposed alteration will not invalidate the warranty. Work must be carried out by the roofing contractor who carried out the installation.
Do not allow other trades to fix through the waterproofing membrane without proper advice. This is especially important when having aerials, heating & ventilation equipment or telephone cables fitted.
Metal Work Keep roof maintenance items, such as counter-flashing, metal curbs and metal ducts sealed watertight at all times.
Leaks Report leaks immediately to Icopal. Try to determine if it is a roof membrane leak or a wall, curb, skylight, metal ductwork or plumbing leak. Deterioration or failure of building components that cause a leak is not covered by the warranty. A water leak may be indicated by the presence of water under the membrane. An internal inspection should be carried out. Please notify Icopal’s Warranty Services at 0161 865 4444 if the leak is determined to be membrane related. The building owner is liable to the cost of investigation and repair if the problem is found to be outside the scope of the waterproofing warranty.
Rooftop Maintenance When it is necessary for workers to be on the roof to service rooftop equipment, e.g., HVAC units, antennas, etc., workers should be cautioned to use walkways and to exercise care with their tools and equipment to avoid puncturing the roofing membrane.



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