Parabit Duo Hot Melt System - Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive green roof systems are designed to be used as recreational spaces and often involve many features similar to traditional ground level gardens which can include paving, water features, lawns, shrubs and trees. These intensive 'roof gardens' are soil based multi layered systems and are so called because they are labour-intensive; requiring higher levels of irrigation, feeding, and other forms of maintenance compared to their extensive counterparts.

Intensive green roof build-ups can be installed above the completed Parabit Duo Hot Melt Roofing System, acting as ballast and a water attenuation system. For further assistance, refer to the Icopal Green Roof section of this website or contact Icopal’s Technical Department.

Parabit Duo Hot Melt System - Intensive Green Roofs

1 Green Roof System   6 Icopal Bitumen Primer
2 Monarperm TP160 Water Reducing Layer   7 Parabit Duo Membrane, at detail
3 Thermazone Hydroshield IVR Insulation   8 Rootbar Sand Capsheet
4 Rootbar Sand Capsheet   9 Cement faced insulation, to upstand
5 Parabit Duo Membrane  


Waterproofing System

Install the Parabit Duo Hot Melt Waterproofing System in accordance with the methods outlined in the Parabit Duo installation guide, inclusive of the Rootbar Sand protection layer.

Note: Prior to application of any ballast or thermal insulation, it is recommended that the finished hot melt roofing membrane be electronically integrity tested to ensure the roof has been thoroughly inspected, checked and passed off as being watertight.

Root Protection Layer

For green roof system build-ups, Rootbar Sand Protection Layer is installed instead of the standard Power Elastomeric 250 Protection Layer, install Icopal Rootbar Capsheet, directly to the Power Elastomeric 250 layer.

Rootbar Capsheet flat roofing membranes are applied by torch-on application using a standard roofer’s torch. The membranes should be heated carefully ensuring the heat dispersible film on the underside is completely removed as work proceeds and ensuring a continuous 5mm bead of bitumen is extruded from all laps. Side laps must follow the manufactured mineral free selvedge with end laps a minimum of 150mm. The cap sheet should be offset 300mm from the Power Elastomeric 250 to avoid side build up. End laps should also be offset.
At the end of the working day, all areas should be completely sealed.

Drainage Layer (depending upon specification)

Where rapid removal of rainwater is desired or where installing above a roof deck with zero falls, install an appropriate drainage board over the completed Parabit Duo Hot Melt Roofing System immediately after the leak detection test on horizontal surfaces. If testing is delayed, install a temporary covering to protect the Parabit Duo Hot Melt Roofing System from damage by other trades.

Thermal Insulation

Where specified, install the thermal insulation in accordance with current instructions.

Surfaces should be clean and free of debris.

Inverted roof insulation boards are laid above the completed waterproofing system in a staggered, break-bond pattern ensuring all boards are laid flat and close butted to minimise cold bridging. The insulation boards should be cut accurately around any penetrations using a fine tooth saw or hot wire cutter.

The insulation boards should be laid in conjunction with a filtration (fleece) layer in an advancing manner, with appropriate ballast subsequently distributed to restrain the system.

The filter fleece must be laid with a minimum 150mm overlaps. If using Monarperm water reducing layer laps must be sealed immediately after positioning using Monobond LT double sided tape. Ensure a full seal at all joints by applying firm even pressure with a hand roller. All penetrations through the membrane should also be carefully sealed.

Green Roof System /Ballast

Install the green roof system, in accordance with project specification and current installation guidelines.
Please refer to Icopal’s green roof section of this website for clarification of green roof specifications or contact Icopal’s Technical Department.

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