Design Guide For Hot Melt Liquid Roofing Systems

Parabit Solo Hot Melt Roofing - Design Guide

The Parabit Solo Hot Melt System is applied using a single coat of the hot melt compound, as a consequence Parabit Solo offers an increase in installation speed and reduce labour costs.  

Parabit Solo Hot Melt Waterproofing Systems is a tough and very flexible monolithic waterproofing membrane manufactured from a special blend of bitumen, synthetic rubbers, polymers and other additives, which when combined with a spun-bond polyester fabric and protection sheet, is ideal for use in protected roofs, plaza decks and green roof installations.

Designed for concrete substrates, Parabit Solo Hot Melt roofing membrane provides the optimum waterproofing solution, where large roof areas can be covered very quickly permitting the progression of other trades internally.

Roof Types

There are generally four types of flat roof in which Parabit Solo Hot Melt Roofing System is used:

Inverted Warm Roof

Sometimes referred to as an ‘upside down’ roof, the thermal insulation is positioned above the roof covering, resulting in the roof covering, structural deck and ceiling being at a temperature close to that of the interior of the building.

Since the insulation is above the waterproofing system the insulation must be water-resistant and it must be ballasted to prevent floatation of the insulation boards and to protect against wind uplift. Therefore, the flat roof deck must be capable of withstanding the additional loading of a ballasted roof.
Read more about the design of Inverted Warm Roofs

Parabit SOLO Warm Inverted Ballasted Roof

Plaza / Podium Decks / Terraces/ Balconies

Many modern buildings incorporate:

  • Landscaped or paved areas over basement or subterranean areas such as car parks. These areas are often used as recreation or circulation space between buildings. Being flat roofs they still require a durable waterproofing system to be installed
  • Terraces tend to be areas within the footprint of the building providing access for public traffic.
  • Balconies - A balcony is typically on the outside of a building accessed from a window or door enclosed by a suitable handrail.

Read more about the design of Plaza / Podium Decks / Terraces/ Balconies roofs 

Parabit SOLO Plaza Podium and Terrace Roof

Green Roofs - Extensive

Extensive green roof systems are generally intended to be viewed from another location as a decorative/ ecological feature. They are not normally used as a recreational space to be walked through or sat in and often have limited access used for maintenance only. Due to the shallower substrate depths of extensive systems, the plant choices are more restricted to drought tolerant species such as sedums, grasses, wildflowers and mosses.
Read more about the design of Extensive Green Roofs

Parabit SOLO Extensive Green-Roof

Green Roofs - Intensive

Intensive green roof systems are designed to be used as recreational spaces and often involve many features similar to traditional ground level gardens which can include paving, water features, lawns, shrubs and trees. These intensive 'roof gardens' are soil based multi layered systems and are so called because they are labour-intensive; requiring higher levels of irrigation, feeding, and other forms of maintenance compared to their extensive counterparts.
Read more about the design of Intensive Green Roofs 
Parabit SOLO Intensive Green Roof
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