Icopal Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Liquid Membrane Waterproofing System

Icopal Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Liquid Membrane System

Building on the established Elastoflex range of liquid waterproofing membranes, Icopal introduces a new cold applied liquid solution based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) technology.

Designed for projects where fast installation and durable surface finishes are key requirements, the Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Liquid Membrane System is the ideal solution for public access walkways, external balconies, terraces and other areas requiring pedestrianized foot traffic.  elastoflex liquid waterproofing system

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely durable, hard wearing surface
  • Impact resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Fast curing
  • Cold applied system
  • UV stable
  • Seamless
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cold temperature application
  • Range of standard colour options
  • Applications

    Types of Application

    The Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Membrane is ideal for projects where minimum disruption is essential.

    Elastoflex Anti-skid Walkway Typical examples include:

    • Public Access Walkways
    • External Terraces
    • Residential Balconies
    • Plaza / Podium Decks
    • Pedestrian ramps


    Suitable Substrates

    Compatible with many construction materials, the Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Membrane is primarily aimed at waterproofing materials typically used in the construction of pedestrianized areas.

    • New concrete
    • Aged concrete
    • Existing asphalt
    • Bitumen membranes
    • Steel


    "Wet-on-Wet” Application

    "Wet-on-Wet” ApplicationSome liquid systems are installed by applying a base coat, which is then allowed to dry, often over night risking contamination of the surface, before adding the top coat. The system then relies upon the bond between two separate layers.

    Elastoflex waterproofing systems are applied in a “wet-on-wet” application. The top coat is applied while the reinforced base coat is still wet providing total integration of the two layers into a single, chemically bonded membrane. This application avoids the risk of failure from insufficient coverage, lack of inter-layer adhesion from contamination and even delamination.

    Since the Elastoflex coating is applied in one operation, it allows the installation to be completed more reliably and quickly than other methods.  


  • System Design & Component Products

    Designed to provide the optimum combination of aesthetic and functional performance the Elastoflex anti-skid surfacing products form an integral part of a complete system where waterproofing and surfacing are required.

    Elastoflex anti-skid surfacing products can be applied onto Elastoflex waterproofing systems, or onto various new or existing substrates, to form a durable hard wearing surface for walkways, balconies, terrace areas and podium decks. 


    1 Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Surfacing Resin -Offered in a range of 6 standard colours, with a further 30 colour options available on request.
      4 Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Coating (Embedment Coat) – PMMA waterproof coating applied in a “wet-on-wet” application.
    2 Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Coating (Top Coat) – PMMA waterproof coating applied in a “wet-on-wet” application.

    Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Primer 

    Note: Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Filler should be applied where the substrate has cracks, gaps and voids of size less than 10mm in width.

    3 Elastoflex Reinforcing Fabric – embedded between top and bottom coats of the Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway Coating.
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      6 Substrate - Suitable substrates include - new concrete, aged concrete, existing asphalt, bitumen membranes and steel.
  • Advantages of PMMA Liquid Applied Membranes

    Benefitting from fast application and curing times, the Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway System combines waterproofing reliability with superior membrane durability, to offer specifiers and users a solution to aged or new build constructions. Incorporating a stitch bonded polyester reinforcement, the waterproof coatings are applied in a two layer application providing a fully reinforced, chemically bonded membrane.

    Fast Curing

    A key feature of a PMMA membrane is its ability to cure extremely quickly upon addition of the correct amount of catalyst to the receiving resin. Curing times can range from between 20 to 60 minutes depending upon the product used and the nature of application.

    As a result interruptions to residents and pedestrians are kept to an absolute minimum as the waterproofed area can be accessible within the same day.


    The combination of the reinforced waterproof coating and the aggregated surfacing layer has a proven track record and generates exceptional durability properties which make the Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway membrane ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

    All Year Round Application

    Liquid waterproofing products based on PolyMethyl Methacrylate chemistry require the addition of a catalyst on site to activate the curing process. The amount of catalyst required to activate the waterproof coatings is determined by substrate temperature and resin volume and is typically calculated on site prior to commencement. The resulting affect is that PMMA based coatings can be installed at temperatures as low as -10°C or as high as +30°C permitting all year round application. 

  • Approved Contractors

    All Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway System installations are carried out by Icopal Approved Contractors, each of whom attend and complete a specific training course carried out at Icopal’s dedicated training centre.

    Trained operatives are required to demonstrate professional levels of competency in all aspects of membrane detailing and application. Upon satisfactory completion of the training, each operative will be certified to a level of competency in the system application.

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