Icopal Elastoflex Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing System

Icopal Elastoflex Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing System

Elastoflex waterproofing systems are the latest product development in Icopal’s range of liquid roofing and waterproofing systems. Designed primarily for use within the commercial refurbishment and new build sectors, Elastoflex liquid applied waterproofing systems offer specifiers and contractors new solutions to previously frustrating and difficult problems.

Icopal’s policy of continued research and development of new and advanced synthetic liquid membrane technology has led to this latest generation of cold applied liquid membrane system options.

Projects with difficult access, restrictive clearances, multiple or odd-shaped penetrations can prove very challenging for even the most adaptive roofing membranes. In such cases, a liquid applied option is an excellent alternative.

Used in its own right or in conjunction with Icopal’s range of high performance roofing membranes, Elastoflex LWS also benefits from ‘wet-on-wet’ application, offering greater internal bond strength between coating layers and also faster application times as the primary waterproofing elements are applied in a single operation.

Elastoflex Systems

Icopal offers two types of Elastoflex roof waterproofing coating systems. The coatings are applied in two layers with a reinforcing fleece in a ‘wet-on-wet’ process which cures to form a seamless, elastic membrane.

elastoflex liquid waterproofing systemElastoflex LWS Coating system is a single component polyurethane based, moisture curing coating applied in multiple layers in conjunction with a polyester reinforcing fleece. The coating is vapour permeable, and suitable for use on both new and remedial projects.



elastoflex-solvent-free-build-up-275x241Elastoflex Solvent-Free coating system is an odour-free and solvent-free, fleece reinforced liquid roofing and waterproofing system, and is ideal for use on sustainability based projects or on sensitive occupied buildings where the fumes from solvent-based products would be disruptive.


Both systems form a permanently elastic, seamless, yet highly vapour permeable membrane that is both durable and tear-resistant.

The Elastoflex Reinforcing Mat is a key part of the Elastoflex waterproofing systems and is available in three grades for use in the corresponding 10, 15, or 20 year guaranteed performance system specifications.

Elastoflex waterproofing systems are suitable for use as an exposed membrane in both new and refurbishment projects, particularly where traditional methods of waterproofing may prove difficult.

Elastoflex is intended for use where limited foot traffic is anticipated, but may also be used in conjunction with the Elastoflex Walkway System on projects involving more heavily trafficked areas, such as balconies and terraces, for example.


Clients and private customers can be reassured by the range of insured guarantees and third party accreditations offered with Elastoflex systems.

Systems Overview

The Elastoflex range has been designed to ensure total compatibility and ease of application playing a vital role in achieving the total integrity of the waterproofing system.

Elastoflex LWS System

Elastoflex Solvent-Free System

Elastoflex Anti-Skid Walkway System

Elastoflex Warm Roof System

Elastoflex Components, Primers and Ancillaries

Elastoflex Design Guide


Icopal Insured Guarantees for up to 20 Years

Icopal Insured GuaranteeWhen installed to Icopal’s specification and by an Icopal Elastoflex approved contractor, comprehensive insured guarantee cover for up to 20 years is available.
Further information on the different levels of guarantee cover

To qualify for the guarantee the Elastoflex liquid applied waterproofing system must be applied at specific coverage rates.

Elastoflex liquid-applied roofing and waterproofing systems are to be installed by Icopal Elastoflex approved roofing contractors only. For a list of approved contractors please contact your local Icopal Area Technical Manager.

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