Primers and Ancillaries for Icopal Elastoflex Liquid Roofing System

Elastoflex Components, Primers and Ancillaries

The Icopal Group is focused on the manufacture and supply of high end products for waterproofing flat and pitched roofs. Icopal’s experience in this sector dates back almost 165 years and continues to grow, resulting in a product portfolio which is one of the most comprehensive within the UK roofing industry.

Icopal’s policy of continued research and development of new and advanced synthetic liquid membrane technology has led to this latest generation of cold applied liquid membrane system options.

Elastoflex LWS is the latest product development in Icopal’s range of liquid waterproofing systems. Designed primarily for use within the commercial refurbishment and new build sectors, Elastoflex LWS offers specifiers and contractors new solutions to previously frustrating and difficult problems.


In order to achieve sufficient adhesion of the waterproofing system, the substrate must be suitably prepared and the correct primer used. Icopal has a number of Elastoflex Primers suitable for a wide range of common substrates.

Elastoflex 2-Part Primer is a two component primer suitable for use on a range of common substrates such as plywood and timber; existing weathered asphalt and bituminous roof systems; asbestos and profiled metal sheet; and PVC substrates.

Elastoflex HP Primer is a two component high penetration primer used to prepare concrete and cementitious screeds. Elastoflex HP Primer may also be used as an alkaline protection layer.

Elastoflex HP5 Primer is a two component high penetration primer formulated for better curing at lower temperatures. It is used to prepare concrete and cementitious screeds. Elastoflex HP5 Primer may also be used as an alkaline protection layer.

Elastoflex TPO Primer is a single component primer used to prepare TPO and FPO thermoplastic membrane surfaces.

For other substrates, on site adhesion tests should be carried out to determine the correct primer to be used.

Reinforcing Mat

A non-woven polyester fleece mat used to reinforce all areas of waterproofing. The Elastoflex Reinforcing Mat is a key part of the Elastoflex waterproofing systems and is available in three grades for use in the corresponding 10, 15, or 20 year guaranteed performance system specification.

  • Elastoflex Reinforcing Mat 10 is a 120gsm fleece and is used in the 10yr warranty system.
  • Elastoflex Reinforcing Mat 15 is a 165gsm fleece and is used in the 15yr warranty system.
  • Elastoflex Reinforcing Mat 20 is a 200gsm fleece and is used in the 20yr warranty system.

Read more about Elastoflex Reinforcing Mats.

Other Items

Elastoflex Rooflight Coating forms part of the Elastoflex Waterproofing System and is used for the waterproofing of surfaces which are required to maintain a level of natural daylight, e.g. in-line rooflights. The Elastoflex Rooflight Coating allows continuation of the Elastoflex Waterproofing System across these transparent areas.

Elastoflex MEK Cleaner is a fast evaporating organic solvent based liquid solution used as a cleaning agent in conjunction with Elastoflex liquid-applied waterproof membranes. Elastoflex MEK Cleaner is used to remove surface contamination, particularly oily residues from existing substrates or Elastoflex coatings. It can also be used to clean tools and equipment. Elastoflex MEK Cleaner will evaporate very quickly.

Elastoflex Thinner is used in conjunction with Elastoflex LWS Coating to improve viscosity, particularly where ambient temperatures are in the range of +5 °C to +10 °C. The product may also be used as a ‘liquid lid’ for tins of Elastoflex LWS Coating which have been opened but remain unused.

Elastoflex Speedshot is a specially engineered accelerant provided in an easy to use applicator bottle, specifically for the Elastoflex Solvent-Free Waterproof Coating. Elastoflex Speedshot accelerates the curing time of the Elastoflex Solvent-Free Waterproof Coating at surface and ambient temperatures of between +5 °C and +10 °C. It is the ideal solution where time is of the essence. Common applications where Elastoflex Speedshot may be utilised include walkways and balconies where pedestrian traffic is required at the earliest opportunity.

Elastoflex liquid-applied waterproofing systems are to be installed by Icopal Elastoflex approved roofing contractors only. For a list of approved contractors please contact your local Icopal Area Technical Manager.


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