Icopal Elastoflex Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

Elastoflex liquid applied systems are available with a comprehensive 10, 15 or 20 year Icopal insurance backed guarantee covering materials, workmanship, system design, consequential loss and insolvency (depending on system build-up chosen).

To qualify for a guarantee, the Elastoflex system must be installed to an Icopal approved specification by a trained Icopal Approved Contractor.

Elastoflex waterproofing systems are applied in a “wet-on-wet” application. The top coat is applied while the reinforced base coat is still wet providing total integration of the two layers into a single, chemically bonded membrane allowing the installation to be completed more reliably and quickly than other methods.

The Elastoflex liquid applied waterproofing system should be applied at specific coverage rates with the corresponding polyester reinforcing mat as outlined below.

Minimum Coverage Rates

Guarantee Period Elastoflex LWS Elastoflex Solvent Free

20 Year System
Coating Top Layer 1.3 kg/m² 1.2 kg/m² 
Reinforcing Mat Reinforcing Fabric 20 (200 g/m²) Reinforcing Fabric 20 (200 g/m²)
Coating Base Layer 2.7 kg/m² 2.4 kg/m²

15 Year System
Coating Top Layer 1.2 kg/m² 1.0 kg/m²
Reinforcing Mat Reinforcing Fabric 15 (165 g/m²) Reinforcing Fabric 15 (165 g/m²)
Coating Base Layer 2.4 kg/m² 2.0 kg/m²

10 Year System
Coating Top Layer 1.0 kg/m² 0.9 kg/m²
Reinforcing Mat Reinforcing Fabric 10 (120 g/m²) Reinforcing Fabric 10 (120 g/m²)
Coating Base Layer 2.0 kg/m² 1.8 kg/m²
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