Enviroflex™ Liquid Applied Wateproofing System

Sealoflex Ultima

Sealoflex Ultima is an extremely versatile, single-component system and is the next generation of liquid applied waterproofing systems. This innovative new system is a low odour, user friendly solution that is suitable for roof waterproofing applications of all shapes and sizes.

Seamless and light weight, it is ideal for commercial and residential projects with complex geometries and multiple penetrations on both new and existing buildings. Sealoflex Ultima is applied in one operation, making it quick to install and easy to use. It can be applied as a complete roof overlay solution or as a detailing solution in combination with bitumen and synthetic membranes. 

User Friendly Benefits

TickCompletely Solvent Free

TickService life in excess of 25 years 

TickVery low or no odour


TickFast curing

Tick“Wet-on-wet” application

TickUsable at low temperature


Fast Curing

Sealoflex Ultima liquid coating and primers benefit from a fast curing process which allows completed areas to be trafficked within the same day. Dependant upon climatic conditions, Sealoflex Ultima liquid coating can receive foot traffic in approximately 4 hours and is weatherproof in 30 minutes.


Many thousands of square metres of the Sealoflex System have been successfully installed in Europe and the United States of America. Continuous research and development over several years has led to the generation of today’s membrane.
Extensive testing and product trials have given Sealoflex the confidence to offer customers an product guarantee for up to 25 years.

Risk Avoidance

A common benefit of using a liquid waterproofing system is the elimination of hot works which can substantially reduce the contractor’s insurance costs. As a further benefit, Sealoflex Ultima is manufactured completely solvent free and does not contain any volatile organic compounds. The result of this innovation impacts directly on the user as there is no risk associated with unpleasant odours that can make installation uncomfortable for the installer and the client.


As standard, Sealoflex Ultima is manufactured with a grey or white colour finish, which when fully cured has a matt appearance. Where necessary, an anti-skid walkway finish incorporating coloured quartz sand is available.

Low Temperatures

Sealoflex Ultima is able to cure at temperatures as low 0 ˚C where frozen matter is not present on the surface.


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