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Sealoflex Ultima Waterproof Coating

Sealoflex Ultima Waterproof Coating is a solvent free, single-component, modified polyurethane coating that is vapour permeable and moisture curing. It is a component of the Sealoflex Ultima System.

Sealoflex Ultima Waterproof Coating forms a fully bonded waterproofing membrane when used in conjunction with Sealoflex Ultima Reinforcing Fabric. It is suitable in a variety of applications for both new build and refurbishment projects, either as a complete roof waterproofing solution or as a detailing solution in combination with bitumen and synthetic waterproofing membranes. The Sealoflex Ultima System is resistant to light foot traffic. If additional surface protection is required, the Sealoflex Ultima Anti-Skid Walkway System is applied to the waterproofing membrane.


Product Range

Product Code Description Size
2004410 Sealoflex Liquid Waterproof Coating Grey 4 Litre
2004411 Sealoflex Liquid Waterproof Coating Grey 15 Litre
3101029 Sealoflex Liquid Waterproof Coating White* 4 Litre
3101028 Sealoflex Liquid Waterproof Coating White* 15 Litre

* White colour available to special order 

Product Data and Performance

Performance Data:
Pack Size: 4 litre and 15 litre
Form: Liquid
Standard Colour: Mid-Grey or White2
Workability period: 60 minutes1
Rainproof after: Approx 20 minutes1
Can be walked on after: 4-8 hours1
Cured after: Approx 72 hours1
Membrane thickness: Minimum 2 mm

1. Dependant on environmental conditions. Values attained at 23 °C and 50% rel humidity. Times given are reduced with higher (and increased with lower) surrounding and work surface temperatures.

2. White colour available to special order .

Surface Preparation

Refer to the Sealoflex Ultima System Component Table to select the correct Sealoflex Ultima Primer for the substrate. Before applying Ultima Waterproof Coating ensure that the surface is clean, dry and sound, the surface temperature is between 0 °C and 40 °C and is 3 °C above the dew point. Refer to the Dew Point Calculation Table in the Sealoflex Ultima Installation Manual. 

Application Method

Sealoflex Ultima Waterproof Coating is a single component liquid that is ready to use straight out of the container. However, each new container will require mixing before use. To mix, use a suitable mixing stick or a mechanical mixer at low speed. Do not mix at high speed or over agitate the liquid when mixing, as this will result in air becoming trapped in the liquid. If this does occur, allow the product to settle for approximately 5 minutes or until no air bubbles are visible.

At low temperatures the liquid may thicken, which can affect consumption. Therefore we recommend that containers are stored at room temperature before arriving at the job site.
Material left in the original container can be re-used providing the lid is replaced securely and the product is still within its shelf life. When re-opening the container, remove any skin that may have formed at the surface and mix as above.

Do not apply if rain is imminent.

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