Sealoflex Rust X-2020

Sealoflex Rust X-2020

Sealoflex® Rust X-2020 is a thin liquid polymer which transforms iron oxide into a stable and insoluble metallo-organic compound.  It is applied to surfaces where residual rust cannot be removed and on areas of light rust, prior to application of the Sealoflex Metal Etch Primer.

Features & Benefits

  • Free of organic solvents
  • Readily penetrates
  • Chloride free
  • Neutralizes rust action
  • Creates a ready to prime, rust free surface
  • Safe to handle, store and transport

Product Range

Product Code Description Size
3101718 Sealoflex® Rust X-2020 3.78 Litre


Product Data and Performance

Performance Data:
Container Size: 3.78 litres
Form: Liquid
Standard Colour: Milky White (dries blue-black)
Density: 1.0065 kg/litre
Application Temperature: 5°C and 40°C
Coverage Rate per tin: 38m²
Application Rate: Approx 0.1 litres per m²
Storage Temperatures: 5°C and 40°C (do not allow to freeze)
Shelf Life: 12 months (in original unopened containers)


Surface Preparation

Remove oil or grease before application. Remove loose rust and mill scale by wire brush, abrasive disk or sand paper. In heavy industrial or marine environments, rust always contains salts which must be washed down with clean water before treatment with Sealoflex Rust X-2020.


Sealoflex® Rust X-2020 is ready for use after stirring. A single application without excess is sufficient. Use a stiff brush to enhance penetration, although application by low pressure sprayer or roller is acceptable. Sealoflex Rust X-2020 must be allowed to cure for at least 3 hours before priming.

NOTE: Sealoflex® Rust X-2020 is not a ‘‘stand alone’’ paint or primer. It must be coated with Sealoflex Metal Etch Primer within 48 hours.

Precautions: Protect adjacent surfaces such as concrete to prevent staining.

Personal Protective Equipment should be worn.

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