Felt Roof Shingle Installation Guide – Icopal Bitumen Roofing Shingles

Roof Shingle Installation - Shingle Application

Application of Bitumen Roof Shingles

Starting at the eaves apply the first bitumen roof shingle flush with the verge edge of the roof and the bottom of the tabs flush with the eaves edge and nail the shingle in position with large headed galvanised clout nails with the end nails 10-15mm in from the edge. Nail above each slot between tabs 10-15mm above the end of the slot. Butt the next bitumen roof shingle to the first locating the tongue and groove and leaving a 1-2mm gap between each shingle. Repeat this process along the length of the roof.

To secure the tabs on this first row apply a bead of an appropriate bitumen sealant below each tab and press tab down. Be careful not to apply too much sealant too close to the edges of the tab to avoid excess being squeezed out. Also be careful not to drip sealant onto finished work. Before applying the second row of bitumen roof shingles measure the gauge or overlap at each end of the roof and mark a gauging line with a chalk line. This will ensure a straight overlap and gauge.

When positioning the first bitumen roof shingle on the second row this must be offset from the first row by half a tab and fixed as before.

Trim the overlap at the roof edges.

To secure the tabs in cold weather gently warm the bitumen tabs below each roof shingle tab with an electric paint stripper or similar – do not use open flames.

At the ridge finish the last row and trim excess material flush with the edge of the ridge.

The above should be repeated for all sloping surfaces


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