Why Decra?

When it comes to roofing, sometimes looks can be deceptive. Decra lightweight roof tiles performs even better than they look and deliver a wide range of benefits no other traditional roofing or lightweight roofing system can offer: 


Decra tiles are typically only one-seventh of the weight of traditional roof tiles
This dramatic reduction in the weight of the roof can potentially provide customers with many cost savings, without any detrimental effects on the quality of their roof. Heavy weight traditional tiles can force architects to use far more materials in the foundation and total envelope of the construction than are actually needed to provide an effective roof covering.

Having less weight over your head is also a very important consideration in earthquake prone areas.

Low Pitch Roof Capabilities

Decra’s unique interlocking design combined with its innovative nailing system enables the Decra roof system to be successfully installed at roof pitches far lower than can be achieved with tradition tiles.

Savings through strength

Decra is strong.
Have you ever considered how much money is thrown away during roof tile installation?
Unlike traditional concrete and clay tiles Decra tiles do not break or shatter during transport or installation.

Decra Tiles are strong and possess high impact resistance.
Decra tiles steel core provides unparralled impact resistance when compared to traditional materials. Unlike concrete and clay plain tiles Decra tiles do not crack or shatter on impact.

Storm Proof

The Decra Roofing System has been successfully subjected to test with wind velocities of up to 145 – 160 km/h with an approximate rainfall of 200mm per hour at the same time. It has proved itself in use in all climatic conditions throughout the world.


Decra tiles are quicker to install, require far fewer fixings than traditional tiles, and indeed many fewer trips up a ladder. This markedly reduces man-hours spent installing the roof.

  • Each Decra tile is only a fraction of the weight of alternative roofing products.
  • Each Decra tile covers a far greater area of roof than alternative roofing products.


Decra is ideal for redevelopment. It can often be applied directly over old roof coverings, such as asbestos or corrugated bitumen shingles. This saves installation time and reduces costs.

Environment – Recycled and Recyclable

Decra tiles are made from steel, the most recycled material in the world.
All new steel manufacture relies on the introduction of high quantities of used steel to increase the efficiency of the furnaces and, therefore, it is practically unheard of for new steel to be virgin in content.
At the end of the Decra tiles life it is possible to recycle the steel yet again.


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