Pitched Roofing Accessories

Pitched Roofing Accessories

Icopal provide a range of accessories specially designed to meet the exacting standards of modern pitched roof constructions and to compliment the Icopal pitched roofing range.

Eaves Protection

Pitched roof underlays are normally dressed into the eaves gutter, leaving a strip of the material exposed to the elements and to UV radiation. BS5534 and BRE Defect Action Sheet 9 both recommend that a more durable material is used in these areas.

Icopal 5U Eaves Sheet

Icopal 5U Eaves Sheet is a polyester reinforced bituminous eaves sheet with a fine sand finish, designed to be dressed into the gutter prior to the installation of the pitched roof underlay.



Jointing Tape

Icopal Jointing Tape

Icopal Jointing Tape is a double sided jointing tape suitable for use with the range of Monarperm breather membranes to provide a seal at the overlap. The use of a sealed lap in the external underlay reduces air leakage and infiltration and reduces convection heat losses.



Monobond LT

Monobond LT is a double-sided butyl jointing tape suitable for use with the range of Icopal polyethylene Monarflex vapour control layers.

Monobond LT is a double-sided butyl jointing tape

Monobond LT is a double-sided butyl jointing tape

Roof Space Ventilation

Icopal IcoAir

Icopal IcoAir is a ventilation piece which installed into the pitch roof underlay to provide a new way of venting your roof.


Icopal IcoAir Roof Space Ventilation
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    New NHBC guidance 2011

    NHBC are now looking for high level ventilation of roofing underlays in any cold pitched roofs per 1st January 2011 in accordance with the new 2011 standard clauses 7.2-D11 and S11.

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