AirSmart Vapour Control Layer System

AirSmart Accessory Range

The AirSmart accessory range has been developed specially for the AirSmart® membranes helping to reduce uncontrolled air and vapour leakage, whilst ensuring durability.



AirSmart Lap Tape 

Single sided green PE film with a strong reinforcing grid and water based acrylic adhesive with a release paper backing. AirSmart® Lap Tape is highly suitable for laps, butt joints and straight detailing.

Product Code Description Roll Size Pack Qty
3007415 AirSmart Lap Tape 60mm x 25m 10


AirSmart Lap Tape                         

AirSmart Detail Tape

Single sided green PE film with split release paper and a water based acrylic adhesive. The tape has a special diagonal reinforcing grid making it possible to carry out detailing work around penetrations without stretching.

AirSmart® Detail Tape is highly suitable for detailing at windows and door frames as well as around large pipe penetrations.

Product Code Description Roll Size Pack Qty
3007416 AirSmart Detail Tape 60mm x 25m 10

AirSmart Lap Tape

AirSmart Metalised Tape 

Single sided acrylic adhesive with a reflective foil facing. Should be used as lap and butt joint tape together with the AirShield membrane.

Product Code Description Roll Size Pack Qty
3007419 AirSmart Metalised Tape 50mm x 25m 40



AirSmart Metalised Tape

Monobond LT

Double sided adhesive butyl tape based upon light and highly age resistant rubber. The tape is used for the sealing of AirSmart® membranes against penetrations, corners and wall, ceiling and floor joints as well as between membrane and building elements
Apply with a standard cartridge applicator gun.

Read more about Monobond LT Tape

 Monobond LT Tape

AirSmart Sealant 

A AirSmart® Sealant is water based and specially developed for the sealing of joints between AirSmart® membranes and building materials such as bricks, wood, plaster and concrete.
The sealant is applied to one surface in an 8mm thick bead.
Packaging: 300 ml tube.
Coverage: Approx. 7m).

Product Code Description Container Size
000000 AirSmart Sealant 300ml
AirSmart Sealant

Icopal MonoSleeve

Icopal MonoSleeve is a five-in-one sized cable and pipe sleeve accessory consisting of an EPDM rubber plate measuring 245 x 245mm with a self adhesive backing, suitable for cable and pipes up to Ø180mm.

The MonoSleeve ensures that penetrations in the AirSmart® membrane can be made completely air- tight and avoid weak points in the system created by cutting for service penetrations.

Product Code Description Pack Qty
3100034 Icopal MonoSleeve 1
Icopal MonoSleeve
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