AirSmart Vapour Control Layer

AirSmart Vapour Control Layer

AirSmart® is a high-performing, multipurpose air barrier and vapour break containing a special co-polymer coated, spun bond, non-woven reinforcement. It is designed to provide both an effective air leakage barrier as well as regulating vapour control properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior strength for secure installation and detailing.
  • Due to the dynamic effect of the product, any residue moisture can dry out minimising the risk of unhealthy mould and mildew.
  • Energy and cost effective by reducing convection flow therefore improving the thermal performance of insulation.
  • Lightweight and easy to cut and handle.
  • When fixed to the underside of timber rafters provides a solid and secure support for non rigid insulation products.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
3007342 AirSmart 50m x 1.5m 5.2kg



Typically, many damages to buildings are caused by moisture from condensation and moist building materials used within a new construction. It is therefore of vital importance that any moisture that penetrates into the building envelope (diffusion) or residual moisture from the construction phase can dry out effectively. The AirSmart® membrane provides this protection due to its low, but dynamic regulating vapour resistance and can be used in new build as well as in refurbishment projects as a retrofit membrane.

Mechanical Performance

The membrane has a reinforced structure making it extremely durable during installation and can easily be shaped without stretching or tearing around fixing points. The dynamic performance of the membrane also means it can be used with ecologically friendly insulation such as sheep’s wool, which is sensitive to moisture build up and can affect the thermal performance of the insulation.

Dynamic Performance

In the Winter period the dynamic performance of the AirSmart membrane will allow a controlled amount of vapour through the building envelope which can be ventilated away through the permeable roof underlay without overloading the membrane and causing unnecessary condensation risk. In the Summer period the dynamic performance of the AirSmart membrane is reversed as the vapour drive is from outside to inside. In this situation the membrane will allow a controlled amount of vapour to pass into the building which is ventilated away by natural ventilation. The AirSmart membrane will provide this protection whilst remaining completely airtight once installed using the entire AirSmart accessory program to effectively seal the membrane.
The AirSmart® membrane is installed on the warm side of the insulation, where it can block air leakage and help meet the building regulations and standards. It thereby improves the thermal performance of the insulation by reducing convection flow.


The AirSmart® membrane is tested and approved as a vapour barrier under the European CE marking regulations and classified as a Type A membrane under the EN 13984 standard.

Product Data and Performance

Product Data
Surface finish: Top side: Sand.   Under side: White
Material thickness: 0.25mm
Weight: 130 g/m²
Tensile Strength: MD: 400 N/50mm ,  CD: 400 N/50mm
Nail Tear Resistance: MD: 250 N ,  CD: 250 N
Dynamic Water Vapour Resistance: 5 - 20 MN.s.g-1
Water Tightness: 2kPa
Fire Retardant: Class E
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