Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive

Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive

Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive is part of the range of Icopal professional high performance spray applied adhesives. It offers a speedy application, and the low rise, quick setting adhesive formula means that the insulation boards only have to be placed once.

Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive is a single component moisture cured polyurethane adhesive. The adhesive contains no VOCs and uses non-flammable propellants reducing the risks associated with pressurised canisters. The product is supplied in a 22-litre pressurised canister and is applied using a spray applicator gun. The canister is pressurised with a non-flammable propellant thereby reducing the storage requirements for the adhesive compared to other canister products currently in the marketplace..

Intended Use

Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive is intended for use as an adhesive to bond a range of warm roof thermal insulations boards to various compatible substrates.

Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive foams to compensate for any undulations of the roof deck including laps in vapour control layers, ensuring a strong, permanent and polymeric bond. The professional spray applied system boasts a substantial coverage rate per canister of up to 350 m² - allowing vast areas of the roof to be covered in a short space of time, also aided by a quick cure time of 15 minutes at 20 °.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-contained airless spray adhesive system.
  • Speedy application with up to 350m² coverage per canister (with beads at 300mm).
  • Precise application through spray wand.
  • Polymeric, remains flexible.
  • Boards secure within 15 minutes.
  • Foaming adhesive for uneven surfaces.
  • Strong, permanent bond.
  • No release of VOCs to the atmosphere.
  • Reduces waste.


Product Availability

Product Code Description Unit of Sale
3102970 Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive (22 litre canister) Each
Application Guns & Replacement Tips
3102971 Insulation Spray Adhesive Gun - 470mm long Each
Membrane Spray Hoses
3102972 Icopal Braided Hose 3.6m Each
Adhesive Cleaning
3102973 Icopal Hose & Gun Cleaning Adapter Each
3102974 Icopal Hose & Gun Cleaner 500ml  Each


Product Data and Performance

Product Data
Size (net volume): 22 litre
Coverage per canister: Up to 350m2 of surface area
Chemical Base: Polyurethane
Solvents: None
Flammability: No Flashpoint
Application Temperature: 5 °C to 35 °C
Packaged Weight: 28kg



Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive is compatible with a range of absorbent and non-absorbent insulation boards to a variety of substrate types. It can bond the following insulation types:

Tissue faced PIR insulations boards, expanded polystyrene (EPS), bitumen faced insulation boards, extruded polystyrene (XPS), cellular glass insulation boards, cork insulation boards.

Compatible substrates include: plywood/OSB, concrete, metal decks, existing aged bitumen roof coverings, mastic asphalt (sand rubbed) and mineral surfaced bitumen roofing and bituminous vapour control layers.

For other materials not listed above, it will be necessary to carry out preliminary adhesion tests and observe insulation manufacturer’s instructions.

Application Benefits

Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive is applied using a spray wand, allowing for easy, precise and rapid installation. The spray wand ensures consistent bead size when applied to the deck, reducing wastage and ensuring accurate and secure installation. The wand also removes the need for contractors to repeatedly bend over throughout the installation, combined with a long braided hose the Icopal Spray Insulation Adhesive system provides maximum manoeuvrability.

As the adhesive is rapid curing in 15 minutes it allows for quick installation of insulation boards typically half the cure time of poured single component polyurethanes. This allows for insulation boards to be secured and ready for waterproofing systems to be subsequently applied.

Surface Preparation

Ensure the substrate is structurally sound and free of surface laitance, oils, grease, dirt, frost, moss, lichen, and loose material.

The surface should be smooth and level, free from sharp projections and any material which would hinder adhesion. The surface should be free of ponded water. Do not apply if rain is imminent, remove all ponded water and allow at least 1 hour drying before applying the adhesive.

Canister Set-up Procedure

  • Attach one end of the hose to the spray wand and tighten the nut with a spanner. Ensure spray tip is present on spray wand.
  • Remove the black cap on the canister valve and attach the hose to the valve, then tighten the nut with a spanner.
  • Once both nuts are tightened and secure, open the valve on the top of the canister.
  • Begin spraying the adhesive by pulling the trigger on the spray wand, adjust the bead size by turning the black valve on the spray wand until a bead size of approximately 20 – 40 mm is achieved. DO NOT close canister valve until the canister is completely empty. To do so may cause adhesive to block in the hose.
  • When work is complete, turn the black valve on the spray wand clockwise until fully closed. Clean the end of the spray wand with Hose and Gun Cleaner ensuring that the aperture is clean. Once the canister is empty, the hose to the canister valve can be removed and attached to a fresh canister.


  • Apply adhesive in 20 – 40 mm wide beads of adhesive at 200 mm centres for roof perimeters and critical areas, and 300 mm centres for normal roof exposures, or in compliance with specific wind uplift calculations for the project in question. Increased coverage rate is required for bonding mineral wool insulation.
  • Place insulation boards directly into wet adhesive, applying pressure to ensure full contact into the adhesive.
  • Preparing To Use

    On initial use or if the canister has been standing for more than 12 hours shake the canister from side to side for 30 seconds insulation-adhesive-preparation-to-use-01
    Connect the Moisture Block Hose to the Application Gun & fully tighten with the spanner provided insulation-adhesive-preparation-to-use-02
    Ensure the Gun is closed by checking the adjustment screw is turned fully clockwise insulation-adhesive-preparation-to-use-03
    Remove the safety cap from the canister and connect the Moisture Block hose. Fully tighten with a spanner. Make sure the red tap on the hose is turned to the off position insulation-adhesive-preparation-to-use-04

    Fully open the valve on the canister (anti clockwise).

    Turn the red tap on the hose to the on position. Check the connections for any leaks and tighten if required.


  • Application

    Purge the gun and hose to ensure the correct discharge of adhesive.

    Point the lance into a bucket or container and gently squeeze the trigger on the gun to extrude an even and continuous bead of adhesive.


    Adjust the flow of adhesive by turning the screw on the back of the gun (anti clockwise to open and clockwise to close).

    Take care not to open the screw to far as the control pin may come out.

    Always make a trial application to obtain a feel for the application


    Set the application gun to discharge a consistent 30 / 40mm bead of adhesive.

    Keep the tip of the lance approximately 250mm above the substrate. (do not drag the tip on the surface as this will damage the tip.

    Apply the adhesive in line with the recommended bonding pattern.

    Adhesive should always be applied across the width of the Insulation board. 

    Lay the Insulation board immediately into the adhesive (Do not allow the adhesive to skin over as this will affect the bond strength).

    Initial bond will be achieved after 15 minutes at which time the boards are safe to walk on. Full strength cure will occur within 24 hours.

  • Cleaning In Use

    During application keep the tip of the application gun clean to prevent blockages by using the Icopal adhesive cleaning kit.
  • Changing The Canister

    When the canister is running empty it will start to splutter. At this point you should discharge the remaining adhesive and change to a new canister.

    Turn off the valve to the top of the canister (clockwise).


    Squeeze the trigger to the application gun to discharge the remaining pressure in the hose and gun.

    Turn of the red tap on the hose (clockwise).

    Disconnect the hose from the canister using a spanner.

  • Canister Cleaning and Disposal Guide

    Canister Cleaning and Disposal Guide


    Step One

    Ensure both canister valve (V2) and the cleaning adapter valve (V1) are completely closed before proceeding, as shown in picture P1. Now attach the cleaning adapter directly to the canister by tightening the nut (N2) to the canister until secure, hold the cleaning adapter as you tighten the nut to keep it upright as pictured in P1. Once attached, connect the appropriate hose and tighten the nut (N1) to the adapters thread until tight and secure..

    Step Two

    Once ready to proceed with cleaning the hose and gun, again ensure the canister valve (V2) and the cleaning adapted valve (V1) are closed. Attach the appropriate cleaning aerosol to the cleaning adapter, screwing clockwise until secure (picture P2). Be careful not to over tighten. Once ready open the adapter valve (V1) into the vertical position and allow the cleaner to fill the hose. Ensure you have an appropriate waste container available. Aim the spray gun into the waste container and apply pressure to the gun’s trigger. Dispense enough cleaner through the line to ensure the hose is thoroughly clean and no adhesive remains..


    Spray adhesive canisters are pressurised containers. Before they can be disposed of safely all pressure must be completely released from the canister. When the canister has come to the end of its life and all the adhesive has been used, first ensure any residual
    adhesive has been removed and the canister has been depressurised. Open the canister valve (V2 as pictured in P1 above) dispensing any remnants into a waste container for later disposal. Once completely depressurised, the circular disk - which can be found on the top of the canister below the valve (V2) - can now be punctured using non-ferrous bar. Next, allow any residual adhesive within the canister to cure. The canister can now be disposed or recycled safely in accordance with site and local waste regulations. If you are in any doubt about your canisters disposal, please contact us directly for advice. For information on the storage of canisters, please see the following HSE document: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/priced/hsg71.pdf  

    NOTE: This information is given in good faith being based on the latest knowledge known to Icopal Limited. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the contents of the publication are current while going to press, customers are advised that products, techniques and Codes of Practice are under constant review and liable to change without notice. Up to date information is available from our Technical Services Department on request.

    Responsibility cannot be accepted for the application of products, and no claims can be considered, where the manufacturer’s instructions have not been followed. The user should not assume; based on information provided in this sheet, that the product is suitable for any abnormal use.

    All products are sold subject to our standard conditions of sale, available on request.

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