Dalite openings and ventilation

Openings and Ventilation Options


Opening Options

  • Manual opening with winding pole
  • Powered opening
  • Powered opening with RF remote control handset
  • Powered opening with RF remote control handset and rain sensor
  • Access Hatch – Lockable from the inside, with gas strut assisted

Opening Type Description Opening Limits
Manual Opening

Hinged opening dome which is operated manually via a worm gear drive with a winding pole.

Opens to 300mm
Powered Opening Powered hinged opening dome which is opened and closed using a control switch or remote control. Opens to either 240mm or 300mm depending on rooflight size.
Powered opening with rain sensor Powered hinged opening dome which includes rain sensors for automatic operation. Opens to either 240mm or 300mm depending on rooflight size.
Access Hatch To gain entry to a roof for maintenance or as an
emergency exit. Unit held open by two gas struts.
90° opening



Trickle ventilation
Airflow through trickle ventilation
Manual or automatically operated ventilation methods are available to provide air circulation to the building to meet the required background ventilation standards as set out in Part F of the Building Regulations.


Ventilation Type Description Opening Limits
Trickle Ventilation -  (Hit and Miss) Louvre Type - available on premium only Manually operated trickle ventilation
provides background ventilation to the interior.
Opens to 300mm
Automatic Humidity Controlled Trickle Vent Humidity controlled trickle ventilation is controlled to open and close in response to room humidity levels, without need for electrical connection. Provides 7822 mm² Equivalent Area ventilation and provides superior protection against condensation


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