Dalite Standard Smoke Vent

Dalite Standard Smoke Vent

Icopal Dalite Standard Smoke Vents are individual polycarbonate dome rooflights intended for installation on flat roofs of all modern building types to provide natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and comfort ventilation.

Dalite Standard Smoke Vents are designed and manufactured under an ISO9001 approved quality system. These products are fully tested and certified in accordance with EN12101-2 : 2003. For full specification see table 5 on page 4 of our Dalite Standard Smoke Vent Product Information Sheet.

Note: Please be aware that currently, Icopal BMI does not provide design advice as to when and where smoke vents should be specified or fitted.

Design Features

  • Design fully tested and certified in accordance with EN12101-2 : 2003.
  • Factory fitted 24V electrical actuator opens up to 140 degrees in less than 60 seconds.
  • Provides smoke and comfort ventilation.
  • Contemporary low rise profile (dome and pyramid options).
  • Constant separation of glazing skins across full width of dome including fixing flange. This avoids cold spots and minimises the risk of condensation.
  • Options to satisfy requirements for light transmission, and thermal performance.
  • Optional accessories include control panel system.

Available Options

  • Curved dome or a pyramid profile.
  • Double or triple skin glazing.
  • 100mm vertical direct fix kerb (for mounting to 200mm high builders upstand), or 365mm sloped kerb (for mounting at roof surface level).
  • Control Panel System, Fire Switch, Fireman’s Priority Switch and Smoke Detector (for more information see page 3 - Product Accessories of our Dalite Standard Smoke Vent Product Information Sheet).

For full range of Cv values and Aerodynamic Free ventilation area for each size, please see Table 1 on page 2 of our Dalite Standard Smoke Vent Product Information Sheet.

Dalite Standard Smoke Vent on 100mm vertical Direct Fix kerb, for   Dalite Standard Smoke Vent on 365mm sloped kerb
Dalite Standard Smoke Vent on 100mm vertical Direct Fix kerb, for mounting on a builders upstand.   Dalite Standard Smoke Vent on 365mm sloped kerb.


Safety Requirements/CDM Regulations

Dalite Standard Smoke Vents achieve Class B non-fragility to ACR[M]001 when new and fully installed in accordance with Icopal’s installation guides (for further information download our Dalite Standard Smoke Vent installation guide).

Foot traffic on rooflights should always be avoided; impacts such as foot traffic or a falling person may cause damage which could necessitate rooflight replacement.

Fire Rating

Building Regulations Approved Document B (2006 edition, amended 2007) sets out the rules for fire safety of buildings, which can be met by achieving specific fire ratings to either British (BS476) or European (BS EN 13501) test standards. Icopal Dalite Standard Smoke Vents achieve Class B-s1,d0 to BS EN 13501: Part 1. Building Regulations state they can therefore be regarded as BROOF(t4).


Dalite Standard Smoke Vents are guaranteed to remain fit for purpose in normal industrial conditions for a period of 10 years i.e. they will not become perforated, lose significant structural integrity, or distort to the extent of losing weather-tightness. In addition, the polycarbonate used in Dalite Rooflights is guaranteed against loss of light transmission, discolouration or loss of impact strength for 10 years.

Electrical actuators are guaranteed for a period of 1 year unless otherwise agreed. Actuators have a design life of at least 10,000 comfort opening cycles and 1000 fire opening cycles.


Please refer to BBA Certificate 12/4930, Section 14. The design of the Dalite Standard Smoke Vent is such that individual fixings are concealed inside security caps. Removal of these caps to gain access to the fixings is extremely difficult. In addition, polycarbonate rooflights have good resistance to impact, making breakage very difficult.


The outer dome of Dalite Standard Smoke Vent is manufactured from 3mm impact resistant polycarbonate sheet which is co-extruded with a UV protective coating to both sides. The inner domes are manufactured from 2mm impact resistant polycarbonate sheeting for double and triple skin options.

The kerb and hinge frames are manufactured from Lead & Cadmium free un-plasticised PVC rigid multi-wall extruded profile.Internal finish of all framework is gloss white. The 365mm sloped kerb is lined with sheet metal in white finish. The actuators are all mill finish.

The polycarbonate, PVC-U, steel and aluminium which comprise the product can be recycled at the end of useful product life. 


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