Monarplan Coated Metal for use with Monarplan Single Ply Roofing Systems

Monarplan Prefabricated Coated Metal

Monarplan Coated Metal is a 0.6mm hot dipped galvanised steel sheet coated with a layer of 0.6mm non-reinforced PVC film for an overall thickness of 1.2mm.

Product Availability


PVC Coated Metal Sheet

PVC coated galvanised sheet ready to be cut by the contractor into appropriate widths and fabricated into metal drip edges or other roof perimeter edging profiles. The coated metal can also be used to provide mechanical restraint at any changes in level, abutments or roof area perimeters.

Product Code Description  Size Pack Qty
3006313 Monarplan Coated Metal (Colour: Light Grey)  1m x 2m 1
3100001 Monarplan Coated Metal (Colour: Anthracite)  1m x 2m 1


PVC Coated Metal Sheet - Prefabricated

PVC coated galvanised metal sheet, factory cut and bent to form drip edge or upstand details 

Product Code Description Length Pack Qty
3100237 Monarplan PVC Prefabricated Coated Metal – 90° Upstand Angle (Colour: Grey)  2m 1
3100238 Monarplan PVC Prefabricated Coated Metal – Drip (Colour: Grey)  2m 1
3100240 Monarplan PVC Prefabricated Coated Metal – Drip with Watercheck (Colour: Grey)  2m 1
3102788 Monarplan PVC Prefabricated Coated Metal – 90° Upstand Angle (Colour: Anthracite)  2m 1
3100879 Monarplan PVC Prefabricated Coated Metal – Drip (Colour: Anthracite)  2m 1
3100241 Monarplan PVC Prefabricated Coated Metal – Drip with Watercheck (Colour: Anthracite)  2m 1


Product Data and Performance

Product Data
Description: Pre-fabricated sections of coated metal
Application: Mechanically fastened
Mass / Unit Area 6kg-m²
Steel Thickness: 0.6 mm galvanized steel
Membrane Thickness: 0.6 mm unreinforced PVC

Light-grey-RAL7001Light grey – RAL 7001 (standard)

Anthracite-RAL7015Anthracite – RAL 7015 (standard)

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