Monarplan Synthetic Single Ply PVC Roofing Membranes

Monarplan Single Ply Roofing Membranes - Watertight & durable

Monarplan single ply roofing membranes and accessories deliver high performing, lightweight, flexible roofing systems which are easier, safer and quicker to install.

Able to meet highly challenging design briefs, Monarplan PVC roofing systems deliver excellent thermal performance and airtight construction, thereby reducing a building’s carbon footprint whist ensuring high quality waterproofing protection. Monarplan PVC membranes are suitable for all building sectors, including new build and refurbishment.

Choose the right Single Ply Roofing Membrane  Design Guide For Single Ply Roofs  Application-Guide

Monarplan Single Ply Roofing Range 

Monarplan membranes are designed to suit a range of methods of application, see our design guide for further information.  

Monarplan FM

Monarplan FM is a polyester reinforced membrane designed specifically for use within mechanically fastened applications. The non-wick polyester fabric gives the membrane inherent tensile strength which is required to facilitate the use of steel fasteners to restrain the system against wind uplift. Mechanically fixed systems can be cost effective solutions, and are ideal where lightweight constructions are considered. 
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Monarplan FM Single Ply Roofing Membranes

Monarplan GF

Monarplan GF is the same glass reinforced PVC membrane as Monarplan G, but incorporating a polyester fleece backing. The factory laminated polyester backing allows the membrane to be applied in a part mechanically fixed/part adhered system or alternativly fully adhered to the underlying substrate using a compatible cold applied adhesive and can be the ideal solution on curved, steep or undulating roof designs that prove challenging for other systems. 
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Monarplan GF
Monarplan GF Single Ply Roof Membranes

Monarplan G

Monarplan G incorporates a glass reinforcement encapsulated between two layers of extruded PVC. The membrane is manufactured with a fungicidal additive and is specifically designed for use within ballasted invertedballasted warm roof or green roof constructions where the membrane is buried.
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Monarplan G

Monarplan G Single Ply Roofing Membranes


Monarplan PVC is available in light grey (RAL7001) and anthracite (RAL7015) colours as standard, enabling the roof to blend seamlessly into a built up area, or to match other construction materials. The range also brings significant design freedom, giving architects the opportunity to create highly distinctive buildings or to sympathetically renovate existing roofs. The pigments used to colour the upper layer of the Monarplan membrane guarantee colour fastness, UV protection, and resistance to ageing. Other colours are available to special order.

Standard Colours

Alternative Colours*

Light-grey-RAL7001Light grey (RAL 7001)

Turqoise-RAL5018Turqoise (RAL 5018)*

Anthracite-RAL7015Anthracite (RAL 7015)

Blue-RAL5005Blue (RAL 5005)*


Stone-red-RAL3011Stone red (RAL 3011)*


White-RAL9010White (RAL 9010)*

  Green-RAL6004Green (RAL 6004)*
  *Available to minimum special order.

Monarplan Ancillary Products

All Monarplan single ply roof systems are complimented by a comprehensive range of ancilliary products to ensure maximum compatibility and single source responsibility for the roofing system.

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