Monarplan GF Fleeceback single ply roof membranes

Monarplan GF PVC Fleeceback Membrane

Monarplan GF single ply roofing membranes are particularly useful for the refurbishment of existing roofs where the use of mechanical fixings is difficult or not permitted.

Monarplan GF is glass reinforced PVC roofing membrane incorporating a 250gsm polyester fleece backing. The factory laminated polyester backing allows the membrane to be used in adhered applications to the underlying substrate using a compatible cold applied adhesive and can be the ideal solution on curved, steep or undulating roof designs that prove challenging for other systems.

Features & Benefits

  • UV Resistant.
  • Quick to install.
  • Insured product warranties available for a period of up to 20 years.

Product Range

Icopal Insured GuaranteeMonarplan GF is intended for use in adhered membrane situations and when installed to Icopal’s specification and by an Icopal approved contractor, comprehensive insured guarantee cover for up to 20 years is available.
Further information on the different levels of guarantee cover

Monarplan GF exhibits superior dimensional stability due to the glass reinforcement, and has a fleece free selvedge to allow for hot-air welding of the side lap.

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
3006447 Monarplan GF Fleeceback (Colour: Light Grey) 2.12m x 15m 70kg
3100000 Monarplan GF Fleeceback (Colour: Anthracite) 2.12m x 15m 70kg


Product Data and Performance 

Product Data
Description: 2 layers of PVC membrane reinforced with glass fibre and a polyester fleece on the underside
Application: Fully adhered single ply roof systems
Thickness: 1.5mm + fleece
Roll Size: 2.12m x 15m

Light-grey-RAL7001Light grey – RAL 7001 (standard)

Anthracite-RAL7015Anthracite – RAL 7015 (standard)


Typical Applications

Fully Adhered Systems

Monarplan single ply roofing fully adhered systems are suitable for most applications particularly where improved aesthetic appearance or complex geometry are important design factors.

In fully adhered systems the insulation is secured to bonded vcl with insulation adhesive. The roof membrane is then secured to the insulation using a special cold applied membrane adhesive.

Read more about Fully Adhered Systems

Fully Adhered Single Ply Roofs
Fully Adhered Single Ply Roofing Systems

Part Mechanically Fixed / Part Adhered Systems

Monarplan single ply adhered roof systems are suitable for most applications particularly where improved aesthetic appearance or complex geometry are important design factors.

Typically, adhered or mechanically fastened applications are treated as separate items, however, combining the two methods can provide faster installation with equally reliable performance. 

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Part Mechanically Fixed / Part Adhered Single Ply Systems
Single Ply Part Mechanically Fixed / Part Adhered Systems


Adhered Application

Monarplan GF is adhered to the underlying substrate using the appropriate membrane adhesive.
Two adhesives are available for use with Monarplan GF:

Icopal Single Ply Fleeceback Adhesive 

Icopal SSI Contact Spray Adhesive

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