Monarplan Single Ply Roofing

Video Tutorial – Pipe Penetrations Through Single Ply Roofing Membranes

Pipe penetrations to single ply roofs can be difficult to waterproof. Monarplan Pre-fabricated Pipe Boots offer a simple and efficient method of waterproofing circular pipes.  


Video Transcript

Cut the prefabricated pipe boot at the relevant diameter to ensure a tight fitting over the pipe.

Slide the pipe boot onto the pipe and push down until firmly in position.

Weld the base of the pipe boot around its circumference to the underlying single ply roofing membrane.

Probe the seam to check the weld quality. Repair any suspect areas as necessary.

Around the top edge of the pipe boot, apply a polyurethane mastic before mechanically clamping with a jubilee clip. 

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