Icopal SSI Contact Spray Adhesive

Icopal SSI Contact Spray Adhesive

Icopal SSI (single sided) Membrane Spray Adhesive is part of the range of Icopal professional high performance spray applied adhesives. It offers a speedy application reducing costs by saving time and material.

Icopal SSI Membrane Spray Adhesive is a self-contained airless spray polyurethane adhesive system supplied in a 22 litre canister. The system comprises the adhesive canister, a moisture block hose which is black with blue ends and application spray gun. The field area application gun is supplied with a Nozzle 8002, and spares can be ordered separately.

Intended Use

Icopal SSI Membrane Spray Adhesive is intended for use as an adhesive to bond Icopal PVC and FPO fleecebacked single ply roof membranes.

Feature and Benefits

  • Self-contained airless spray adhesive system.
  • Single sided application with up to 85 m² coverage per can.
  • Excellent alternative to roller applied fleeceback adhesives.
  • Robust, pressurised container - can be used in most conditions.
  • Gun does not need to be cleaned after each use. Turn the gun off after use and the moisture block hose prevents insulation from curing inside the gun or hose.
  • Long reach wand allows operator to stand during application.


Product Availability

Product Code Description Unit of Sale
3101844 Icopal SSI Contact Spray Adhesive (22 litre canister) Each
Application Guns & Replacement Tips
3101845 SSI Contact Spray Adhesive Gun 600mm
For Field Area Application: (Application gun with 600mm shaft fitted with Q tip nozzle)
Membrane Spray Hoses
3101841 SSI Spray Adhesive Hose 4m
Black with Blue Ends (100% Moisture Block)
Adhesive Cleaning
3006754 SSI Spray Adhesive B Safe Cleaner 4.1Kg Canister
(Mini canister to connect to hoses and guns to flush out equipment)


Product Data and Performance

Product Data
Container Size: 22 litre
Colour: Pink
Coverage per canister: Up to 85m2
Bond Type: Single sided
Tack Time: 15 minutes
Flammability: Flammable
Application Temperature: 10 °C to 35 °C
Storage Temperature: Above 5 °C
Shelf life (Unopened): 12 months


Surface Preparation

All surfaces to receive Icopal SSI Membrane Spray Adhesive must
be clean, dry and free of dust, grease and oil and anything that may affect the adhesion and performance of the adhesive.

The surface, on or against which adhesive is to be applied, shall be clean, smooth, dry, free of fins, sharp edges, loose and foreign materials, oil and grease. Depressions greater than 6 mm should be feathered, using epoxy, mortar or other approved patching material.

Important Note: The adhesive is not compatible with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation boards.


Please refer to the ‘Technical Data’ section regarding application temperatures. Icopal SSI Membrane Spray Adhesive is a moisture cure product and any moisture present in the air will speed up the curing process. On initial use, or if the canister has been standing for more than 12 hours, shake the canister from side to side for 30 seconds.

For full connection and application instructions consult the supplied application guide.

Once connected and engaged do not turn off the canister or hose valves again until the canister is empty are changing to a new canister, or you are finished and want to clean the gun and hose.

The adhesive is applied by spray application using a spray gun. During application keep the tip of the lance approximately 250 mm above the substrate.

Note: the adhesive is not suitable for use in detail work.

Position the waterproofing membrane. Spray an even coat of adhesive to the substrate only to cover 100% of the surface, moving side to side in an advancing manner. The application will result in a ‘splatter’ spray.

Note: Leave the adhesive open for 3–5 minutes for the adhesive to become tacky.

Roll the membrane into the adhesive coated substrate avoiding wrinkles in the sheet. Immediately roll with a weighted roller or broom to achieve maximum contact and a smooth, flat finish without air pockets. It may be necessary to roll the membrane again to achieve maximum contact.

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