Icopal Universal POCB Single Ply Membranes

Icopal Universal® POCB Single Ply Membranes

Every architect wants to specify a reliable, long lasting roof - with Icopal Universal® single ply roofing membranes, you can satisfy both these requirements, and more. Ideal for flat or pitched roofs, Icopal Universal® delivers strength, flexibility and durability, and - after a lifetime of up to 30 years - it can also be recycled, greatly improving a building’s sustainability.

Icopal Universal POCB MembranesIcopal Universal® is a POCB (polyolefin copolymerisate binder) membrane and is fully recyclable and together with the product’s low mass it is lightweight, strong, flexible, and extremely stable single layer roof covering
that is UV resistant and tough.

Icopal Universal® demonstrates a highly favourable Life Cycle Assessment, and meets the strictest standards for sustainable construction. Therefore, it can be used to significantly reduce a building’s environmental impact, making a significant contribution to any sustainable procurement policy.

Product Range

The Icopal Universal® POCB range has been designed to ensure total compatibility and ease of application playing a vital role in achieving the total integrity of the waterproofing system.

Membrane-Range  Accessories  Application-Guide

Features and Benefits

Fast application Icopal Universal® can be applied rapidly to insulation materials, timber, concrete or profiled metal roofs, or to existing bituminous roofing systems.The three variations of Icopal Universal® meet a wide range of applications.

Safe to apply
As the application of Icopal Universal® single ply roof system requires no open flame, it’s very safe to use, and on larger surfaces, overlaps can be permanently sealed using Icopal’s fully automatic, high speed welding appliance.
Icopal Universal® SA is ideal for the flame-free sealing of details and can be attached to both Icopal Universal® and other bituminous roof materials.

Wide range of applications
Icopal Universal® is suitable for new build and renovation projects and for flat or pitched roofs. It can also be applied to insulation materials, timber, concrete or profiled metal roofs, and to existing bituminous roofing systems.

Sustainable and Recyclable
Icopal Universal® has an expected lifetime of up to 30 years, yet remains easy to remove and recycle at the end of its useful life. In addition, the thin design results in the minimal use of raw materials in manufacture and energy for transportation.

Clients and private customers can be reassured by the range of Icopal insured guarantees.

Icopal Insured Guarantees for up to 20 Years

Icopal Insured GuaranteeWhen installed to Icopal’s specification and by an Icopal approved contractor, comprehensive insured guarantee cover for up to 20 years is available.
Further information on the different levels of guarantee cover


Single Ply Roofing Association [SPRA]

Icopal is a member of the Single Ply Roofing Association [SPRA]. As an association, SPRA’s guiding principle is to ensure that clients obtain high quality polymer based single ply roofing, through a partnership of quality assured manufacturers and contractors.
For more information about SPRA, please visit www.spra.co.uk

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