Damp Proof Course

Xtra-Load Elite Damp Proof Courses

Xtra-Load Elite DPC is a High Performance Polymer Modified Bitumen DPC 1.9mm thick, available in a range of widths from 100mm to 1000mm x 20m long.

Xtra-Load Elite DPC’s are manufactured on strong polyester reinforcement with SBS modified bitumen on both sides and finished with a fine silica sand on both sides enhancing mortar adhesion. 

Features & Benefits

  • Good tensile strength
  • Excellent elongation at break
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Use in low and medium compressive load situations
  • Compatible with all forms of DPM
  • Joints and seals easily
  • Excellent mortar adhesion
  • High water vapour resistance
  • Compatible with Xtra-Load Pre-formed Cavity Tray Units 

Product Availability

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
2000036 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 100mm 100mm x 20m 3.60kg
2000037 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 113mm 113mm x 20m 4.07kg
2000038 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 150mm 150mm x 20m 5.40kg
2000039 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 225mm 225mm x 20m  8.14kg
2000040 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 300mm 300mm x 20m 10.80kg
2000041 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 338mm 338mm x 20m 12.17kg
2000042 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 450mm 450mm x 20m 16.20kg
2000043 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 600mm 600mm x 20m 21.60kg
2000035 Xtra-Load Elite DPC 1000mm 1000mm x 20m 36.00kg


Product Data and Performance

Performance Data
Colour: Black
Surface: Fine silica sand both sides
Material: SBS-modified bitumen
Type of Reinforcement: Polyester
Membrane Thickness: 1.9mm
Nominal Weight / unit area: 1.8Kg/m²
Water Vapour Resistance: 419 MN·s·g-1

Durability: When properly specified and installed, Xtra-Load® Elite DPC will in normal circumstances remain effective during the lifetime of the building.

Compatibility: Xtra-Load® Elite DPC is compatible with all materials with which it will be in contact with in normal construction, with the exception of timber preservatives based on creosote or tar oils. It is unaffected by timber preservatives that are water based solutions of salts. It may be softened by some solvent based products and is not compatible with pitch polymer damp proof courses and should not therefore be used in combination with these products.

Installation Details

General: A sharp knife is necessary to cut the damp proof course. Work can be carried out under all weather conditions normal to the construction of the wall. The material maintains sufficient flexibility to be installed at low temperatures.

Installation must follow Icopal's instructions and normal good practice for the detailing of damp-proof courses as set out in ‘BS EN 1996-1-1 : 2005', 'BS EN 1996-2 : 2006', 'BS EN 1996-3 : 2006' and their respective UK National Annexes, and 'PD 6697 : 2010' and must be in accordance with the relevant clauses of ‘BS 8215: Code of practice for design and installation of damp-proof courses in masonry construction’.

Application Procedure

  1. Xtra-Load Elite DPC must extend through the full thickness of the wall leaf, including pointing, applied rendering or other material.
  2. Xtra-Load Elite DPC to be laid on a fresh, even bed of mortar and perforations in adjacent courses of blockwork must be completely filled with mortar.
  3. All lap joints in Xtra-Load Elite DPC must have a minimum 100mm overlap and sealed with Icopal Jointing Tape.
  4. Xtra-Load Elite preformed cavity tray units must be used at stop-ends and all corners or changes in level of cavity trays.
  5. Where a separate damp proof course is laid on each leaf at the base of a wall it is essential that the damp proof course is not allowed to project into the cavity allowing mortar droppings to build up and cause possible bridging of the cavity and moisture penetration across the cavity to the inner leaf.
  6. Xtra-Load Elite DPC must not be damaged by cavity cleaning after installation.
  7. Precautions to be taken during subsequent work should include the following:
    a. Use of cavity battens to prevent mortar droppings from reaching DPC.
    b. Removal of droppings before they harden.
    c. Inspection of cavity trays as work proceeds to check for damage.
  8. When using Xtra-Load Elite DPC with boot lintels or similar, it is recommended that the material is installed to follow lintel profile


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