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Xtra-Load Protection Board

Xtra-Load Protection Board is a pre-moulded tough durable material used as a protection for waterproofing membranes against backfill for below ground walls.

Xtra-Load Protection Board withstands normal on site foot traffic protecting the membrane from construction abuse and puncture by rock and aggregate during backfilling operations. It is not intended as a water proofing material though it has water proofing qualities.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent: Long life, even when exposed to saturated conditions, economical in use.
  • Preformed: Easily handled, avoids the need for screed or masonry protection.
  • Cold Applied: Avoids messy, hot application.
  • Quick To Use: Avoids using wet trades, not labour or weather dependant.
  • Avoids Delays: Applied immediately after waterproofing membrane laid and inspected.
  • Robust: Resists penetration of abrasive backfilling materials and accidental damage.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Board Size Board Weight
3100421 Xtra-Load Protection Board 2m x 1m 5kg


Product Data and Performance

Performance Data
Nominal Size: 2m x 1m
Nominal Thickness: 2.5mm
Nominal Weight: 5 kg·m-2


Installation Procedure

Preparation of Surface: All membrane surfaces to be protected are free from debris and contaminants which could cause damage to the membrane.

Horizontal Application: Xtra-Load® Protection Board should be laid over the tanking or damp proof membrane immediately after membrane installation and inspection. Displacement of the protection boards may be prevented by bonding with Icopal Bitumen Sealant or Icopal Jointing Tape.

Vertical Application: Xtra-Load® Protection Board should be installed in front of the membrane to protect against damage from backfilling. If there is a delay in providing permanent support or back fill then temporary support should be applied to the boards.

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