Structural Waterproofing

Monarflex DPM Accessory Range

A range of specially designed accessories complements our DPM range, ensuring waterproofing performance and in case of radon gas keeps it tight and even ventilates the dangerous gas away from the habitat area. The accessories also make for speedier and secure installation and complying with the requirements of the current Codes of Practice.


Monobond LT Double Sided Tape


Monobond RT Double Sided Tape


Necobond Double Sided Tape 130

Monobond LT
Double-Sided Tape


Monobond RT
Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tape



Monarflex Top Hat units


Easi-Flash Self-Adhesive Radon Flashing 


Easi-Pour Liquid Radon Sealant 

Monarflex Blackline Top Hat    Monarflex MRX Self Adhesive
Gas Membrane
  Easi-Pour Liquid
Radon Sealant

Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould

Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould        


Radon Sumps



EasiSump Cap Link (straight)


EasiSump Cap Link (90 degree)

Easi-Sump   Easi-Sump Cap
Link (straight)
  Easi-Sump Cap
Link (90 degree)



Easi-Load Radon Corner Assembly

Easi-Load Radon Corner Assembly        



Xtra-Seal QD Primer

Icopal Siplast Primer        


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