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Xtra-Seal QD Bitumen Primer Roof Coating

Xtra-Seal QD Bitumen Primer is suitable for application to a variety of substrates, in order to seal and improve the adhesion of bituminous waterproofing treatments.


For the preparation of masonry, concrete, cementitious screeds/renders, existing bituminous waterproofing, and structural steelwork, prior to the application of bituminous membranes.


Xtra-Seal QD Bitumen Primer is a black quick drying bitumen priming solution consisting of high quality bitumen’s and hydrocarbon solvents.
The Xtra-Seal QD Bitumen Primer is designed to penetrate and seal porous surfaces to provide a base for bituminous waterproofing solutions.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Container Size
3000862 Xtra-Seal QD Bitumen Primer 25 litre drum


Product Data and Performance

Performance Data:
Colour: Black/brown
Coverage Rate: 3 - 11m²/litre
Application Rate: 0.1 - 0.2 litres/m²
Drying Time: 1 - 3 hours (depending on conditions)



Ensure the surface is structurally sound, free of surface laitance, oils, grease, dirt, moss, lichen, and loose material.
The surface should be smooth and free from sharp projections.


Apply by brush or roller ensuring the primer is well applied into the surface. Apply a thin coat and avoid pooling.
Allow to dry thoroughly before over coating.

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    Xtra-Seal QD Bitumen Primer

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