Monarflex Gridline Ground Membranes

Monarflex Gridline

gridline constructionMonarflex Grideline 500 and Gridline 750 are high performance containment lining membranes consisting of both blown and flat extruded layers of virgin LDPE with a non-woven polyester scrim.

Product Availability 

Icopal Monarflex Gridlane is available from our appointed UK distributor PAGeotechnical Ltd.
To find out more visit the PAG's dedicated website at:

Performance Data
Gridline 500 Gridline 750
Roll Size: 25m x 2m
25m x 4m
25m x 4m
100m x 4m
Weight: 0.53 kg/m-2 0.78 kg/m-2
Nominal Thickness: 0.50mm 0.75mm
Colour: Black Black
Tensile Strength: 10KN/m 10KN/m
Puncture Resistance: 250N 294N
    Contact Icopal 0161 8654444

    This product is available only from our appointed UK distributor PAGeotechnical Ltd. To find out more visit the dedicated website at:

    Or contact PAG at::

    PAGeotechnical Ltd.
    Darwin House,
    Corby Gate Business Park, Corby,
    Northants. NN17 5JG

    Tel: 01536 740040
    Fax: 01536 740044



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