Eco-Active Product Range

The highly innovative Eco-Activ range provides architects and specifiers with versatile and sustainable solutions. By working actively with nature, Eco-Activ products help reduce air pollution, cut CO2 emissions, and improve energy efficiency, enabling new-build and refurbishment projects to meet the increasingly challenging environmental targets specified by evolving Building Regulations.

The Eco-Activ roofing range is ideal for industrial, commercial and domestic applications, and delivers the exceptional quality and performance expected from Icopal, the world leader in building protection, from basement to roof.


Noxite Air-purifying Roofing Membranes

Noxite® is a smart sustainable construction material that reverses NOx particle air pollution and provides a cleaner, healthier environment around the home. For commercial builders, it can also have an immediate impact on reducing the environmental impact of a building over its lifetime in a way that is socially and economically responsible and environmentally sustainable.

Noxite® torch-on roofing membranes use the sun’s rays to produce an autocatalytic reaction that turns harmful nitrous oxides into benign nitrates. The resulting depolluting effect is permanent, throughout the life of the waterproofing membrane.
Noxite can be applied to all roof constructions: flat and sloping roofs, new build and refurbishment projects.

To find out more about the Icopal’s Noxite depolluting roofing system visit the dedicated Icopal Noxite website at:


Green Roof Systems

Icopal provide high performance green roof systems designed to deliver sustainable and environmentally considerate solutions.

ButterfliesIcopal green roof systems provide an array of benefits including:

  • An environmentally friendly and sustainable solution
  • Attenuates storm water run-off helping to reduce flood risk
  • Reduces solar heat gain through the roof
  • Introduces wildlife habitats within cities and urban areas
  • Reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Improves air quality by filtering out particulate pollution
  • Helps to meet local planning policy 

Read more about Icopal's Green Roof Systems

ICOSUN FIX Console Mounting System for Photovoltaic Panels on Waterproofing Membranes

Icosun consoleThe ICOSUN® FIX Console is an innovative mounting system to safely and securely fix solar panels onto flat roofs. The system can be installed on to most Icopal roofing systems with a bitumen, POCB or synthetic waterproof capsheet. The benefit of the ICOSUN® FIX Console is its combination of strength and flexibility. The mounting system is tailored to your requirements and after simple installation, the system is fully waterproof and is suited for any type of solar panel.

Read more about the ICOSUN photovoltaic mounting system

Elastoflex Solvent Free Liquid Waterproofing

Elastoflex solvent free liquid waterproofing coating is the latest product in Icopal’s range of liquid waterproofing systems.

Elastoflex is an odour-free, fleece reinforced liquid roofing and waterproofing system, and is ideal for use on sustainability based projects or on sensitive, occupied buildings where the odours from solvent-based products would be disruptive.

Read more about Icopal's Elastoflex solvent free liquid waterproofing system 

Therm’X Insulating & Reflective Breather Membrane for Pitched Roofs

Therm’X is an innovative, insulating, high vapour permeable pitched roof membrane with reflective surfaces that helps improve internal building comfort and performance whilst saving energy.
Research shows that Therm’X can provide a reduction of radiant summer heat between 4-9oC therefore positively contributing to maintaining internal building comfort levels.

Therm’X is made from a highly reflective top breather membrane, a polyester matt for complementary insulation and a reinforced reflective underside which is mechanically interlocked with the polyester matt.
The huge benefit of Therm’X is the three-in-one product you get from functioning as a traditional breather membrane, with superior mechanical strength, a reflective outer surface to limit solar gain in summer and an inner reflective side to increase U-value performance in winter.

Read more about Therm'x

Cool Roof Paint

Cool Roof Paint renovation coating is a water based acrylic polymer binder that reflects the warmth of the sun, so that the roof surface remains cooler and the same applies to the space below. It prolongs the life expectancy of the roof and the temperature inside becomes more pleasant. Cool Roof Paint is solvent free and weatherproof.

Read more about how cool roofs work and how it can save you money and protect the environment

Dalite Rooflights - Creating Better Quality Environments with Natural Light

Natural light can dramatically improve the quality of life for anyone living or working within a building – boosting concentration, feelings of well-being and productivity. Dalite Rooflights are an ideal way to maximise the transmission of high quality, uniform, natural daylight through a flat roof into the interior, with all the benefits that daylight can deliver.

Incorporating rooflights into a flat roof can provide three times more daylight than the same area of vertical windows and provide a much more even distribution of light.

Dalite Rooflights reduce energy costs and carbon footprint as well as promoting the health benefits of natural light.

Read more about Icopal's Dalite rooflights and Solatube tubular daylighting systems 

Monarfloor Acoustics

Icopal’s range of acoustic products encompasses traditional floating floor treatments, (many of which were developed by Icopal and are now universally accepted as the industry standard), through to innovative second generation systems specially developed for use in the new-build sector.

The Code for Sustainable Homes has been introduced to drive a step change in sustainable home building practice. It is a standard for key elements of design and construction which affect the sustainability of a new home and will become the single national standard for sustainable homes. The Code will be used by designers and builders as a guide to development and by home- buyers to assist in their choice of home. All of Icopal’s advanced acoustics solutions can provide an opportunity to gain either three or four Credits when used as part of a system. They can not only be cost-neutral but also provide opportunities for further savings by, for example, allowing the use of a continuous raft foundation between dwellings. 

To find out more about the Icopal’s Monarfloor acoustic systems visit the dedicated acoustics website at:

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