Icopal Edge Restraint is used to retain the green roof substrate within an Extensive Systems

Icopal Edge Restraint - For Extensive Green Roofs

There is a need to retain Icopal Extensive Green Roof System growing medium in situations where there is no upstand to fulfil this function. The Icopal Edge Restraint provides an attractive, contemporary alternative to conventional kerb edges.


Icopal Edge Restraints are manufactured from mid sheen, 2 mm thickness aluminium and incorporate upright slits to provide a drainage path from the growing medium and drainage aggregate into gutters and outlets for any excess water. The standard unit has an upstand height of 100 mm, with a 90° angled base of 75 mm.


Product Code Description Size
3101085 Icopal Edge Restraint 2.4 m x 100 mm


Standard Unit Size (Lxhxd): 2.4m x 100mm x 75mm             
Standard Colour: Aluminium
Composition: 2mm thick aluminium

Intended Use

Icopal Edge Restraint is primarily used within Icopal Extensive Systems. It is used to retain the green roof substrate where there is no kerb to fulfil this function. The Icopal Edge Restraint is also used at roof edges. On sloped roofs it is often used in association with Icopal Intermediate Restraints. All open verge edges and slopes over 5° require the Edge Restraint to be mechanically fastened.

Installation Procedure

Handle with care to avoid any damage.

The Icopal Edge Restraint is laid directly on top of the waterproof membrane, and restrained by using flashing strips made from the same waterproof membrane, or by ballast. When used at open roof verges or eaves, or at the bottom of the roof on slopes over 5°, the unit must be mechanically fastened to the roof structure.

The unit should be fastened in accordance with current instructions. If in doubt, please consult Icopal Technical Services for guidance.

Delivery and Storage

Icopal Edge Restraints are delivered to site on pallets.

The product should be stored horizontally on a clean, flat surface, be covered and protected from mechanical damage. 

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